I love whale watching.  Ever since that first time I saw a humpback whale breach just meters away from my boat I’ve been hooked.  I was in Nicaragua at the time, exploring real estate opportunities when I walked past a sign advertising a trip to see the whales.

We jetted out of San Juan del Sur harbor and into the swell of the Pacific.  Our boat was tiny, and felt even more so once we got close to the whales.  There’s a real sense of vulnerability that you feel when you get up close to these beautiful mammals.  A pod of around 6 whales stayed with us for around an hour, blowing, breaching and diving.

As sunset approached I managed to snag a stunning photo of the tail fluke shimmering against the reddening sky.  I have that on my desk in front of me as I’m writing this.  And even though it’s been over 10 years since that first trip with the humpbacks all I have to do is take one look at that photo and I’m transported back in time.

On my desk is another photo.  It’s of a beachfront property that I bought in Nicaragua on the same visit.  The property is located on Playa Madera, just north of San Juan del Sur in a perfect spot just a few minutes walk to the surf.  I visit every year and love the peace and tranquility.  If you’re interested in Nicaragua real estate for sale (and I highly recommend it) then you should certainly check out what’s on offer over at RevealRealEstate.com.

I’m now a pretty good surfer, but each time I get on a board I’m tempted to paddle out into the deep to see if I can find some whales.  Unfortunately they don’t come in as far these days as they used to, so the whale watching trips are not being offered any more.

In some ways I prefer it.  Whales in Nicaragua can remain my personal story.

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