Whale hunting is a serious problem. Unlike with other endangered species there seems to be little agreement between countries about banning whale hunting. The Faroe Islands, Norway, Iceland and Japan continue to break the moratorium on whaling. Japan does so by issuing a ridiculous amount of permits for whaling for ‘scientific purposes’. Japan also uses its money to ‘buy off’ poorer members of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) so as to continue its immoral and disingenuous whaling policies.

There are a number of things the average person can do. Since the international community won’t do anything the onus is on normal citizens to take up the fight to preserve whale numbers.

Other than joining radical groups like Sea Shepherd that dangerously fight whaling boats on the high seas, there are consumer choices that you can make to help the whales.

1) Visit the Faroe Islands and other such places and pay to go on environmentally friendly whale watching tours. Whaling is all about money. If watching whales can be shown to be more lucrative than killing whales then fishermen will start to use their boats to take out tourists instead of going to kill whales.

2) Write to your MP or Congressman – whoever represents you democratically – and demand to know what he or she is doing to stop the illegal hunting of whales. Using the democratic process will force the issue into the media lime light and make action morel likely.

3) Boycott going on holiday to countries that hunt whales. Don’t go to Japan, instead book a private villa in Koh Phangan or visit Macchu Pichu or the Taj Mahal. At the same time don’t buy food products from Norway, Iceland or Japan. If other industries start to suffer because of whaling they will put internal pressure on their governments to change the fishing laws.

Together we can save the whales.

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