Having lived in the UK for a number of years no i have never been whale or dolphin watching in our British waters before. This all changed this summer when i decided to take a trip north to Scotland for a week to firstly visit some friends and also take the chance to visit the coast and hopefully partake in some whale watching.

I booked myself a lodge that i could use as a base for my week long visit meaning i could come and go as i please not having to worry about late arrivals or leaving early in the morning.

Arriving late on the Sunday evening i decided to relax and enjoy all the activities and facilities that the resort had to offer having a sauna and swim before enjoying a night cap as i had an early start in the morning heading up to the Scottish Dolphin Centre in the Spey Bay to go and do some dolphin watching and learn about all the good work that they have been doing.

Lucky for me the Monday was a beautifully clear day with meaning that the was a clear views out into the bay and there was a school of dolphins that had been kicking about and playing in the warm waters after spending the morning there and chatting to a number of the staff one of the locals offered to take me out on their boat to get a more close up view of the dolphins.

That afternoon i went out in the boat to get a closer view, take the small fishing boat out into the bay we headed out carefully not to in danger any of the dolphins and before i knew it there was dolphins  jumping though the wash that the boat was creating and swimming along side us. We soon cut the engines and let sat to enjoy the animals in the wild.

Thankfully i went on this day as the rest of the week took a turn for the worst with the classic Scottish bad weather kicking in and ruining all chance of getting a good view of anymore but it is certainly another trip i would be willing to take in the chance of another great experience.

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