Sometimes you come across a film like ’Big Miracle’ which seems designed purely to please the crowds.There’s a huge star studded cast, but the plot is rather contrived which is a shame for a movie with this much potential.

Despite this, perhaps because it’s heart is in the right place, it’s actually quite an enjoyable movie.

So the plot is basically about three whales, one of them an infant, that are trapped under the Alaskan Ice at the most Northern point.  This happens at the start of the long Arctic Winter of 1988.  The scene is set as an journalist (played by John  Krasinski) comes across the whales accidentally whilst filming a report.  This leads to global headlines as the story goes viral across the world.    From this point the journalist is joined by many people across the world as hundreds of celebrities join the campaign to save the whales. However there are also loads of sub plots mainly based around an eco-friendly theme which can get a little confusing.  The film is fairly predictable, mainly because most of  the plots are obvious.

But this doesn’t detract completely from this film. The ’Big Miracle’ is a huge stereotype of other films in the animal rescue genre.But again, there are some great performances and although the whole thing is very melodramatic some scenes are genuinely moving.If you have any interest in Whales, the Environment in general then you’ll probably enjoy this film at the moment it’s also available on streaming UK TV. It’s not great but it had a feelgood ending and is an enjoyable way to while away a couple of hours.

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