I first fell in love with whales when I was 10 years old. I saw a movie ,like so many other millions of children, by the name of Free Willy. Looking back on it now it seems like a silly intro. But it did spark a passion that I never knew I had. Free Willy showed me., That there were massive beasts in the ocean that we’re capable of immense pleasure and joy. ┬áSo much joy, that they jumped out of the water and splashed around for fun, Watching whales breach is an amazing experience, you feel very small. I’ve never understood exactly how they make me feel. The only words I ever have are “incredible”, “amazing”, and especially “wow”.

But until recently I have been willing to let them, be themselves, a long way away. But now that I am retiring, I think I want to dedicate more time to the animals I love so much. Early retirement is a great thing because you still have the energy to the physical things you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t think you be able to when you retired. I’m still out there climbing mountains, I’m still going to enter races. Not a thing but my doctor is going to slow me down especially now that I don’t have to worry about work.

Some of the best knowledge I have gained, has come from my job. But now I think I’m ready to learn in a different way. Learn from nature, and from my body. I desperately want to understand where I sit in the universe and with these beautiful whales. I’m looking for properties to rent near the Pacific Ocean, Oregon, Washington. So that I can be near the whales that I have loved my whole life. Even though that life has only crossed its 35th year.

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