The whale is a beautiful and graceful creature whose name has unjustly been hijacked to signify someone who has an unhealthy lifestyle and has allowed their weight to balloon. I am sure we have all heard the jokes about Greenpeace pushing an overweight person back in the water as if they were a beached whale.

Sadly there is a very serious health issue being ignored with this mockery and it is an issue that sometimes takes drastic measures to set right in order to save someone.

Some people may opt for things like liposuction as they feel like it is the only option left to them due to their having no self control. Like drug abuse or alcoholism it is often seen as a problem that is out of the control of the “sufferer” but there is always a point at which that afore mentioned sufferer starts the ill fated journey such as the first drink/hit/burger. Self control can be difficult but it needs to be mastered if they have any hope of ever living a healthy lifestyle.

Plastic surgery can be a great way to kick-start a healthy lifestyle for some; if you only go forliposuction, however, researchers say your health (and fat levels) could take a hit. In fact, evidence shows that if you don’t make an effort to maintain the fat-loss you get from liposuction, fat cells are likely to come back with a vengeance—instead of resurfacing under your skin, they’ll regenerate deeper in your abdomen, where fat storage is more correlated with certain health risks. The only solution, they say, is exercise.

So with this in mind it really is up to the person themselves whether they can do that but having support from family and friends can go a long way to making the difficult journey possible.



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