I had a troubled upbringing you could say. I never stayed anywhere for too long, constantly being moved from oneĀ fosterĀ home to another, when i was 18 i decided to see the world- i thought it would be an escape from the humdrum and would cancel out all the bad things i had seen, done and inflicted on myself. Never did i think that a whale watching trip would change my world so drastically.

But before that wonderful day I driffted from country to country sneaking round visa requirements and working under the table, sometimes doing things that i’d rathe not mention.
Then came the whales. I had some spare cash and something just drew me to the whale watching trip. Onboard we didn’t see anything for the first hour and then they came. One whale in particular ( an Orca i later learned) came up so close to the boat and kind of rolled on it’s side and looked at me with its beutiful big eye. It doesn’t sound that intense but i felt lifted by this whale, it seemed to see right through to my soul. The next day i returned home to Britain, my travelling was done and i wanted a fresh start. I went for tattoo removal to get rid of all my amateur self inflicted tattoos that i thought chronicled my life but i now reealise was something to hide behind. With clean skin and a clear head i trained as a social worker and am now helping kids like myself to avoid the mistakes i made. I still wonder about that whale. I hope i see it again one day, was it sent to save me or did i just need a living creature to look at me with no judgement?

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