Stop the Bloody Whale Slaughter on the Faroe Islands

On a group of islands just north of Europe, the traditional bloody whale and dolphin slaughter takes place every year. The Faroe Islands are a part of Denmark, where whaling is banned, but they have laws that are independent of Denmark's laws, so they are allowed to continue with this mass execution. Year after year, thousands of pilot whales, beaked whales and dolphins are chased into the bay by boats, where they are slaughtered.

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Whale tourists need realistic expectations

Tourists who visit Tonga's northern Vava'u island to swim with whales need to have realistic expectations about what will happen.

That's according to underwater photographer Tony Wu, who visits the island regularly to document the way humpback whales use the area to breed.

He says he managed to count 48 whale calves born in Port of Refuge harbour this last season, which is a lot.

But Mr Wu says the Tongan whale watching industry needs to make sure not to promise tourists that the whales will come close to them or touch them.

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Court rejects efforts to strip beluga whale protections

A federal judge this week rejected an attempt by Alaska to strip Cook Inlet beluga whales of Endangered Species Act protections. Last spring, the National Marine Fisheries Service designated critical habitat for the whales despite state’s lawsuit.

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End comes closer for whaling ban

The opponents of whaling fear a return to commercial hunting is virtually inevitable within the next few years.

Conservation groups at the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission believe the 1986 whaling moratorium cannot last much longer.

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PETA lawsuit alleges SeaWorld enslaves killer whales

Can killer whales sue SeaWorld for enslavement?

A lawsuit filed Wednesday by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and other "next friends" of five SeaWorld killer whales takes that novel legal approach.

The 20-page complaint asks the U.S. District Court in Southern California to declare that the five whales -- Tilikum, Katina, Corky, Kasatka, and Ulises -- are being held in slavery or involuntary servitude in violation of the 13th Amendment.

A PETA statement said the lawsuit is the first of its kind in contending that constitutional protections against slavery are not limited to humans.

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It would not be uncommon to be in a situation that will call for you to make some significant payment on some any kind of borrowing done. This may well refer to the mortgage loans as well as any other debts that will be extended to some deserving individuals. With such circumstances, it would be most handy had you the services of the interest calculator.

You will then be in a position to understand what amount of money you will be supposed to dispense on top of the principal amount that you had acquired. This critical information will be very relevant towards determining the level of installment to dispatch over the given period of time provided for the repayment.

As a basic necessity will be for you to have all the information relating to the loan that you would wish to calculate interest upon. By feeding this data to your machine you will then be able to get the mathematics worked out for you in the easiest method possible.

Also critical for you to have in place is the nature of importance that you are to pay or will allow.This will either be the compound where the principal will include the interest earned in the former period or it be the simple significance in which case there will be some flat and regular pay towards the principal.

Most of these kinds of calculators are available online. What is most important is for you to ensure you pick on the rightful website where you can have all your demands met in the most efficient manner. Upon feeding all the relevant data such as interest rate, length of repayment and loan amount the calculator will perform the basic arithmetic necessary.

You are then able to have the results of the process detailing on the total amount of money you will need to pay at the end of the period as well as the proportion that will go in as the interest on the principal earned.

The use of this calculator has many more advantages over the manual procedure. Among the many advantages will be on the accuracy thus derived. The programming on the calculator is as effective as to give the most efficient and reliable feedback relating to the importance.

More to it is the issue of having some high level of professionalism in the whole pint. As such there will be more confidence in the outcome as compared to the manual way whereby there is the likelihood of some bias on the results obtained thus; thus placing some level of compromise on the quality.

There is at the same time the aspect of having the most updates that will affect the significance determination. This will be with respect with changing factors such as the inflation which in one way or the other will alter the interest rates to be absorbed into the payment process.

Going by the nature of the needs that you have at hand concerning the money issues and important aspects in it, it is very desirable that one should in fact opt for the use of an interest calculator. This will go a long way to having your specific mathematics best handled.

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Most secure VPN service

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It is assumed that about 1 % of laboratory animals is used for educational purposes around the world. According to various estimations, this seemingly nominal percentage still represents use of up to 100 million vertebrates around the world each year, and much more of invertebrates, whose protection is not usually defined in legislation.

In most countries, the use of animals in education of any level is usually not recorded, and the legislation related to this area does not exist (e.g. in China). However, there are also exceptions, when for example in three countries in different parts of the world dissections of animals were banned – in Argentina (1987), in Slovakia (1994), and in Israel (1999). The European Union has the most far-reaching regulations on the use of live animals in education. In the European Convention for the Protection of Vertebrate Animals Used for Experimental and Other Scientific Purposes (to which the Czech Republic is a signatory), the Council of Europe states that: Procedures carried out for the purpose of education, training or further training of professionals… shall be restricted to those absolutely necessary for the purpose of the education or training concerned and shall be permitted only if their objective cannot be achieved by comparably effective audio-visual or any other suitable method. There are also national laws, like for example the Swedish Animal Welfare Act, that go futher than the Convention in that they define animal experimentation as also including the killing of animals for dissection purposes. In 1993, the Italian Parliament passed a law which gives the option to refuse attendance in animal experiment of any form to all citizens, without being penalised. In 2001, thanks to this favourable legal situation, and to persistent work of individuals, it was possible to abolish animal experiments in education at 64 % of Italian universities (91 faculties), and to replace them with alternative methods. Already three quarters of medical faculties in the Unites States eliminated demonstrations on animals, only two Canadian medical schools include animals in their courses. Studies are performed to determine experimental possible usage  of new pharmacological drugs from constipation medication to triglycerides lowering medication. British medical and veterinary education is also mostly „alternative“. Active protests of students in many Australian universities resulted in broad replacing of animal experiments, and now all veterinary faculties give their students the right to conscientiously object to unnecessary animal use in the courses.

In 1988 the European Network of Individuals and Campaigns for Humane Education (EuroNICHE) was formed by a diverse groups of student conscientious objectors, anti-vivisectionists, ethologists and animal welfare researchers from several European countries, and in 2000 was transformed into a global network InterNICHE. InterNICHE aims for a high quality, fully humane education in biological science, veterinary and human medicine. It supports progressive science teaching and the replacement of animal experiments by working with teachers to introduce alternatives, and with students to support freedom of conscience. InterNICHE works in partnership with any individual, group or department that shares the common goals of replacement of harmful animal use and investment in high quality ethical science.

Also in Israel, the number of students who disagree with invasive education on animals grows, an many of them use the chance to loan alternatives from the InterNICHE Loan System, from which they can borrow required alternatives for free. In the South America, the regional network of students and organisations based in Brasil was established, and they organised several conferences which supported the importance of the use of alternative methods. Also in countries of their European ancestors, Spain and Portugal, the cultural approach to animal use in both science and education is being moving towards human trend. The change in accepting of the new principles, particularly in veterinary education, gradually develops also in India, even in the governmental level, where the main motivator is an activity of the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA). In Japan, a group of students aims for including of alternative approaches in education. They present their views also at scientific conferences. Individuals and organisations in other Asian countries start to educate themselves about the issue as well, and today a significant informational campaign and support of local teachers are in progress.

The financial benefits of using alternatives have been felt in, for example, Russia and Ukraine, where some animal experiments have ceased because of the economic crisis and subsequent lack of investment in education. While some particularly cruel experiments continue, interest in computer alternatives is growing, with many people choosing to buy vpn solutions in order to access a wider network beyond their own countries limitations. Thanks to joint support of British organisation RSPCA and international network InterNICHE, it was possible to build at Kyiv State University an alternatives lab which replaced the use of hundreds of animals.

Elsewhere in eastern Europe, financial and other resources are scarce too. However, there is considerable interest in humane teaching methods, and that is why the network InterNICHE linked up with another organisation, with Dutch Proefdiervrij in this case, and within the so-called Humane Education Award granted $ 18 000 teachers from former Yugoslavia, Romania, and Albania for developing of alternative methods to replace animal use. Another activity of InterNICHE is recycling and renovation of used computers from Britain for Russian and Romanian schools, along with software to create new alternatives lab.


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Are you an independent whale watching guide trying to compete for visibility on the internet with the “big boys”? Of course everyone in your area may know the big whale watching firms. The reason they know those names is through marketing. Marketing can come in many forms such as radio, TV, print ads and yes even the internet.

You may not have the money for big TV, radio or print ads but advertising on the internet is far more cost effective than those other mediums because you are targeting people that are searching for exactly what you have to offer. By hiring a Search Engine Optimization Specialist you build value in your online business based on very specific keywords. The keywords are what those looking for whale watching activities use when performing an internet search.

By starting on the internet you can also attract visitors world wide and build a revenue that hopefully someday you will also be able to compete through other mediums as well and become one of the “big boys” yourself.

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Do you get dizzy when you go whale watching?

A lot of people do and despite the success of so many different medications and patches, some people still can’t be out on the water for long before they start to feel seasick.

One way to take the edge off so to speak, is with a bottle of wine….or even a glass!  A great wine of the month club can really help you get not only a glass of wine which will help you be able to enjoy your whale watching adventure, but it will also be of a high enough quality for you to feel good about sharing it with others once your whale watching tour has been completed.

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When it comes to hunting there a are quite a few binoculars out there in the market however binoculars particularly for whale watching are not many out there. Those who use mostly use the marine binoculars and the best thing I would when going for the binos I to go for the best binoculars brands. Some of the best brands are Nikon, Pentax, Leupold and Bushnell.

For whale watching the most important requirement is to make sure that the bins are the wide angle bind so that enough light can come in. Again that can be done if you understand the specification of a binocular. The most important specification for the binoculars are something like 7×25, 8×40 etc. the second part of the specification is something which tells you about the diameter of the lens though which the light will come and for sure that what you should be looking at.

There are other things that you need to look for design of the binoculars which can be either roof prism or porro prism. Then there are lens coatings which can cause a huge difference.

One of the best ones to use for whale watching is the Pentax 7×50 Marine binoculars with compass. This one has the 50 mm diameter which is really big and of course useful for when you are on the boat. This one is waterproof construction and lens coating is Bak4.

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