This summer my wife and I went to Victoria British Columbia and one of the things she wanted to do was to go whale watching. I was hesitant because I didn’t want to pay a lot of money and end up seeing nothing, which is possible when you set out to find whales. However, my fear was unfounded as we had a great time and saw lots of whales.

We decided to use the company called Five Star Whales because they had boats where you could sit inside and be shielded from the wind. This turned out to be a good choice as it was a 1 hour high speed ride to and from the whales which would have been freezing cold had we chosen another company with smaller boats where you sit lower and are exposed.

The journey to the whale area was comfortable and the two guides were there to give you all the information you needed. If you are looking for summer good jobs for 18 year olds or college students in Victoria and you have marine wildlife training or knowledge, this type of work could be great if you can get it. It looks fun and it surely is exciting when you get to the whale area.

After the approximate 1 hour ride our boat slowed down to a crawl for the next hour and everyone rushed outside. There were over 30 other boats in the area and all of them were moving slowly with crowds of people on them.

The whales were luckily there that day and the guide told us there were over 50 of them comprising three different families. We watch as they surfaced quickly and went back under. None of them ever jumped fully out of the water but it was still amazing to be that close to real wild whales. We even saw a baby whale traveling on its mother’s back.

While we were in the whale area almost a full hour, it seemed much shorter. Before no time the boat sped up again and retraced its journey back home. It was a beautiful day and we were very fortunate that the weather and the whales all cooperated to make our experience one we will never forget. It was definitely worth the $100 per person we spent for the 3 hour ride.

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