During 2008 and 2009 I was lucky enough to do some extensive solo travelling throughout the world and one of my favourite destinations was the last country I visited; New Zealand.  The main reason for this was the fact that on Sunday 15th February 2009 I got to go Sperm Whale watching in Kaikoura, a small town on the East coast of New Zealands South Island, famous for whale, dolphin, seal and bird watching.  I was told by the boats whale guide that I could expect to see 2 or 3 Sperm whales on our short trip and I was hugely excited.  Well, the chap was wrong, in total I saw 9 sperm whales flipping their huge tail in the air and diving below the surface to continue feeding.  We saw plenty of other whales that day blowing water up through their blow holes so even the guide was hugely excited.  He believed their was over 20 around us in the water which was an absolutely huge number.  I was so excited and I felt so honoured that I had managed to see such a magnificent beast on that day and it is an I will hold dear till the day I die.

I have always been a big animal lover and seeing them in their natural habit is such a great feeling.  On the way back to the harbour, I was reflecting about what I had seen and suddenly really started to miss my own families pet cat!  I could just imagine her running up and down her cat furniture getting all excited and wanting to play. She is a typical playful, pouncing cat but even though she is a domestic cat and I will never get to see her in her natural environment I am really pleased that she is so clearly very happy and stimulated.  As you can tell, the sight of watching such a great beast clearly had quite an emotional effect on me as I am quite a soppy chap!  The next plan I have is Safari in Africa to see some really big cats – I wonder if I will thinking about my little cat then as well?

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