Culturally, the Japanese have eaten whale meat for centuries. As someone who as visited Japan, I can tell you from the one time that I ate whale meat that it tastes similar to beef. One Japanese argument that I have heard is that Westerners eat cows so what is so wrong with Japanese eating whales? I think this is a reasonable point. I’m certainly not trying to advocate that killing whales is a good thing. However, I do see it as hypocritical that Westerners who continue to eat meat should be so opposed to the Japanese whaling industry. In some respects, it is like anti-abortionists being pro-war. It just doesn’t make sense.

Greenpeace say on their website (

The Japanese invented the concept of ’scientific’ whaling in 1987 as a way round the moratorium on commercial whaling instituted by the the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Their research is not really research. It is an excuse for supplying whale meat on the Japanese market

I find it interesting that Japan claim to be killing whales for research. This is not very truthful. Go to any large supermarket in Japan and you will likely be able to find whale meat on sale. I wonder how much research shoppers are doing on the meat?

Japan is very well known throughout the world for all kinds of great tasting foods including sushi, tempura as well as the ubiquitous rice. This grain is a popular food for vegans and is eaten in high quantities in Asia and Africa.

The Japanese Zen philosophy is in stark contrast to the pain and suffering caused to whales (and dolphins) by fishermen from this island nation. Rice on the other hand is a food that is much more aligned with nature.

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