Whales are the biggest animals recognized so far on our planet. They’re heavy and extremely large in size. A whale can grow up to 100 feet in length and its fin can grow up to 88 fits. There are many facts about Whales which are not known to common folks like you and I. Therefore, I try to pen down some facts about whales in this short post.

Whales Too Sleep

When Whales fall asleep they put one-half of their brain to rest. It sounds strange to know that whales sleep too? Actually, they come to the surface of the water to breath and it is then their one-half brain is resting and other half is awake. This ensures their safety in the environment and keeps them away from any type of dangers and disorders.

Whales Hear Too

Like us human beings Whales too have a sense to hear. They can hear things loud and clear. Though it’s still not sure whether they can smell or taste, it’s very much known that Whales have an excellent hearing ability. Like your kitty listens to you when you ask her to use an automatic litter box, whales hear even the slightest noise near them. And they act too.

Whales Live Long

Compared to us humans, whales live long. One of the popular species named bowhead is said to live for over 200 years. Yes, almost two centuries of life. Isn’t that amazing?

If you want to know more facts about whales, you can accompany the groups that go on expedition or can read books.

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