Gift giving is one of the most exciting things we do as humans, but also one of the most stressful isn’t it?  As an example, think back to your first Christmas as a married couple-there was a lot of pressure wasn’t there?

One pretty easy gift to give is a wine gift.  It can take a number of formats, from a single bottle of wine, a wine club membership over a number of months or even a wine gift basket.  If you’re going to send wine gift though, you have to worry about both the quality as well as the presentation.  After all, if the gift shows up in a box which Fedex has partially destroyed and the label of the wine is basically ruined-it stands to reason that the person opening the box might not be nearly as excited about the gift, don’t you think?

Just as high end retailers offer high quality wrapping around Christmas, take an extra few minutes and even use part of your budget for a good wrapping job with your next wine gift and you’ll probably be thrilled with the results!

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