Stop the Bloody Whale Slaughter on the Faroe Islands

On a group of islands just north of Europe, the traditional bloody whale and dolphin slaughter takes place every year. The Faroe Islands are a part of Denmark, where whaling is banned, but they have laws that are independent of Denmark's laws, so they are allowed to continue with this mass execution. Year after year, thousands of pilot whales, beaked whales and dolphins are chased into the bay by boats, where they are slaughtered.

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Whale tourists need realistic expectations

Tourists who visit Tonga's northern Vava'u island to swim with whales need to have realistic expectations about what will happen.

That's according to underwater photographer Tony Wu, who visits the island regularly to document the way humpback whales use the area to breed.

He says he managed to count 48 whale calves born in Port of Refuge harbour this last season, which is a lot.

But Mr Wu says the Tongan whale watching industry needs to make sure not to promise tourists that the whales will come close to them or touch them.

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Court rejects efforts to strip beluga whale protections

A federal judge this week rejected an attempt by Alaska to strip Cook Inlet beluga whales of Endangered Species Act protections. Last spring, the National Marine Fisheries Service designated critical habitat for the whales despite state’s lawsuit.

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End comes closer for whaling ban

The opponents of whaling fear a return to commercial hunting is virtually inevitable within the next few years.

Conservation groups at the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission believe the 1986 whaling moratorium cannot last much longer.

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PETA lawsuit alleges SeaWorld enslaves killer whales

Can killer whales sue SeaWorld for enslavement?

A lawsuit filed Wednesday by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and other "next friends" of five SeaWorld killer whales takes that novel legal approach.

The 20-page complaint asks the U.S. District Court in Southern California to declare that the five whales -- Tilikum, Katina, Corky, Kasatka, and Ulises -- are being held in slavery or involuntary servitude in violation of the 13th Amendment.

A PETA statement said the lawsuit is the first of its kind in contending that constitutional protections against slavery are not limited to humans.

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Two small dietary changes are making news to reduce the risk of diabetes. These simple changes can actually reduce your risk up to fifty percent. Fortunately, most people find these changes easy to make and they have far-reaching results for your health from reducing your risk for diabetes, cancer, and heart conditions.

Are you a fan of bacon, sausage or bologna? Then it’s time to take a serious look at your weekly consumption. A recent study found that how often a person eats processed meat has a direct connection to the incidence of diabetes. Although the direct chemical links that cause this connection were not discovered in the study, they did find that individuals who included processed meats in their diet more than twice a week were much more likely to develop diabetes.

A similar relationship was found related to the consumption of red meat. Even red meat that was not processed also increased the risk for diabetes. When consumed more than twice a week the risk was much higher. Different studies show that increased risk was as high as 51% greater. Obviously, changing how often you eat red meat and processed meats is a good idea.

What can you do instead? For most people the things you should add to offset the risk for diabetes are also easy to add to your diet. Other studies have shown that two simple types of food actually bring down the markers that lead to the diagnosis of diabetes.

Diary foods are one of the things you can add to your diet to help reduce the incidence of diabetes. At this time, it’s not clear why this works. One reason it may help is that foods such as cheese and plain yogurt tend to have a lower glycemic index. With the combination of carbohydrates and fats that occur in these products they have a longer digestive arc then say a piece of bread.

Another good exchange for red meat is nuts. In many vegetarian plans nuts replace proteins and other key foods. They are satisfying, high in nutrition, and of course higher in fat. As a result using some nuts to replace meats can be very effective. Add to the fact that this also helps protect you from diabetes, perhaps you want to consider some of these changes. A study covering as long as 28 years show this is not just a short-term trend.

Other people also add supplements such as Cordyceps to help with metabolism and energy levels. When you’re adjusting your diet and lifestyle, a supplement is sometimes just the kind of support you need to bridge the gap. Provided you use pure products from a trusted supplier, you’ll rarely go wrong with natural help on your health journey.

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A Brief Guide On Choosing Your Masticating Juicer

Wine grape

If you thought that masticating is a thing that only goats are fond of, think again. Through mastication, you can now get delicious, sweet, and delectable juice any time of the day through the use of a masticating juicer.

What is a Masticating Juicer?

A masticating juicer is a kind of juicer that extracts the juice from a fruit or a vegetable through mastication. Mastication is the process where the fruit or vegetable is being chewed off, releasing the juice to the extractor and keeping the pulp away.

The Use of a Masticating Juicer

You can find a lot of ways where you can use a masticating juicer. Aside from juicing fruits and vegetables, a masticating juicer can be used for everyday cooking as well. You can make fresh fruit juice for cooking, such as pan fried pork chops in an apple juice reduction sauce. You can also use a masticating juicer for other kinds of food like salsa or baby food. After all, a masticating juicier is more than just a juicer.

How to Find the Cheapest Masticating Juicer

The current price range for a masticating juicer is anywhere from 200 to 500 US Dollars, depending on the style, type, and brand of your choice. But, instead of finding the cheapest masticating juicer, what you need to do is to be smart enough to know where, how, and when you are going to buy your masticating juicer.

  • Decide on your budget first – even though this might seem obvious, this is really important. Masticating juicers like an Omega VRT350HD are quite expensive so you need to decide first hand if you do have that money to spend at this moment. If you are currently running on a tight budget, then you might as well get a centrifugal juicer since they are usually cheaper and still able to do a good job.
  • Go Online – When finding the cheapest masticating juicer, make sure that you find it online. Online stores can give you the best deals because they do not need to store your juicer in a store display. This saves them a lot of money and these savings will be passed on to you.  
  • Compare Prices – Obviously, you would have to compare prices to make sure that you can get the best deal possible. The only way that you can do that is through browsing different sites. Also, make sure to read the fine line. The juicer in one site may be cheaper but the shipping and handling costs may be higher. You can also have a site that can offer shipping and handling costs that are built into the price of the item itself.
  • Grab Discount Deals – When you find the right person to be with for the rest of your life, the best thing to do is to never let go. The same can be said about finding the most affordable masticating juicer. You should look for coupons, discounts, and other possible deals which may come with the model, and the best thing to do is to never let go of these deals either.

Leading a happy and healthy life with a juicer is a step to wellness and overall improvement of health. So when you find the cheapest masticating juicer, you are one step closer to having more savings which you can use for your other needs.

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An amortization calculator is used to calculate payments and other financial information about loans. They are used primarily for calculating house mortgage loans, but can also be used for other purposes. This type of calculator bases the calculations using various equations, and is considered the amortization process. This process uses the equations to account for loans using details such as principal and interest rate.

When a loan has interest tied to it, the loan payments are repaid by a borrower in equal monthly installments; however, each payment is divided between interest and principle. The amounts of each of these amounts change monthly. At the beginning of a mortgage, most of the payments a person makes are applied to interest, with very little going against the principle of a loan. As the loan ages, more of the payment is applied to principal, and less goes towards interest.

Calculating these amounts is quite difficult, and requires complicated formulas. Most people; however, avoid making the calculations themselves, and instead use an online calculator. There are numerous websites that offer this service for free.

This type of calculator asks for certain details about a mortgage. These details include the loan amount, interest rate, number of payments and length of loan. When someone inputs these details, the calculator determines a payment amount. This comes in handy when a person is wondering how much a loan payment will be. It can help people decide whether or not they can afford a loan, and how much of a loan they can afford.

Another key piece of information this can provide is the amount of principal and interest each payment of a loan will be. This can help a person decide if it is beneficial to pay off a loan faster than the actual length of the loan. Many times, people find that if they pay a little extra towards their loan payments each month, the length of their loans will significantly decrease. This is also a great way to save money. If someone pays off a loan faster, he will pay less in interest, saving him hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Many types of people use these calculators. The most common time they are used is for individuals who are considering taking out a loan, but they are also used by businesses to calculate business loan payments.

There are several common methods for amortizing loans. These include linear, declining balance and bullet; however, the linear and declining balance methods are the two most common types that are used for house loan mortgages. With standard amortization, the primary principal balance of the loan is paid off much faster later in the loan. With loan payments, every payment is the same amount; however the last payment is generally different. The last payment goes to pay off the remaining balance of the loan. This amount might be higher or lower than the standard payment amounts.

If you are interested in learning more about this, or would like to calculate a payment amount, find an amortization calculator and input the required fields.

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The controversial Minke Whale hunting practice sanctioned by the Japanese government, whereby hunting occurs under the auspices of scientific research, looks set to continue this year.  Whale conservationists – who believe the take from the annual hunt is more likely to end up in Japanese freezer baskets than research laboratories – are preparing to resume their attempts to disrupt the activities.

Beginning in the mid 1980′s, Japan has been issuing ‘permits’ to kill whales designed to get around the restrictions the international community has placed on the cull.  Organizations like Greenpeace have been responsible for a lot of the political pressure applied that have resulted in many of these restrictions, but for many more hard core activists these efforts have been insufficient.

The crew of the Sea Shepherd – which has very confrontational tactics – scoffs at the efforts of Greenpeace and similar outfits, and prefers more direct action.  Each year they meet the Japanese hunting ships in Antarctic waters and do their utmost to disrupt the hunt.

Some of the methods they use are very confrontational, and can involve approaches as mild as cutting whalers’ nets to extreme options such as boarding their ships. While they claim some success – the Sea Shepherd says the hunt as shortened by 6 weeks last year – others are more skeptical.

Many claims these aggressive approaches, while they may cause short-term gains, poison the minds of Japanese citizens against whale conservation.  Since the long-term policies of the Japanese government are largely dependent on public opinion, it makes more sense to wins the hearts and minds of their voters to the cause.

In the meantime, the hunts proceed and Minke whales continue to die, while conservationists fight amongst each other about which group is pursuing the most effective methods to eventually achieve a total ban. We can only hope that sometime soon all parties involved will join in agreement that these beautiful animals are worth saving.

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The blood pressure is essentially the force exerted against the sides of the blood vessels as blood circulates round the body. The force against the walls of the arteries may cause them additional strain and in some cases this can lead to emergency situations such as strokes or heart attacks.  You can consult this online blood pressure chart to see if you have high blood pressure.

Normally two different values are measured. The first figure is the systolic pressure which is the higher reading. This measures the force on the blood vessels at each point where the heart beats. The diastolic pressure is the measure taken between two beats of the heart and this is the lower reading.

The measurement is therefore given as two figures, the higher being the systolic and the lower the diastolic reading. It is normally considered that to remain healthy the systolic reading should be below 120 and the diastolic reading below 80. People whose measurement is at levels higher than these should take steps to reduce the figures.

It is therefore necessary to keep the measurements within normal ranges. This can be done by leading a healthy lifestyle and paying attention to eating the right type of food and ensuring that enough exercise is done each day. For many people losing weight by eating more low fat foods can make a contribution. It is also important to keep alcohol consumption low.

Eating less salt is another good policy. This means choosing natural foods that are not high in salt and not adding extra salt to the cooking or the meal. One effect of salt is that it causes the body to retain more water and this can be harmful. Salt in the body may also hinder the effectiveness of medicine taken to help the problem.

To avoid the temptation to eat too much salt it is advisable to use spices and herbs to flavor food and to make use of a range of seasonings such as ginger or lemon. Certain sauces and pickles contain a lot of salt as do breakfast cereals.

Another way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to eat more fruit and vegetables. Normally, five portions of fruit or vegetables each day are recommended, each portion weighing around 80 grams. This can include dried or tinned fruit but these should not be included in the five portions if they include added sugar or salt.

A number of different medicines are available to help in the fight against this medical problem. These medicines work by controlling some hormones that can have an influence on the body; by causing the walls of the arteries to become more relaxed and therefore wider; or by reducing the excess fluid present in the body.

As the different types of medicine work by different mechanisms, it is possible to combine the medicines if necessary. Sometimes the body may adapt its working and reduce the effect of one medicine, so a combination of medicines may ensure that together they have the intended effect.

In addition to taking any prescribed medicines regularly, it is also necessary to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Every patient should be checked by medical personnel at regular intervals and it may also be useful to acquire a machine to measure blood pressure at home.

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This summer my wife and I went to Victoria British Columbia and one of the things she wanted to do was to go whale watching. I was hesitant because I didn’t want to pay a lot of money and end up seeing nothing, which is possible when you set out to find whales. However, my fear was unfounded as we had a great time and saw lots of whales.

We decided to use the company called Five Star Whales because they had boats where you could sit inside and be shielded from the wind. This turned out to be a good choice as it was a 1 hour high speed ride to and from the whales which would have been freezing cold had we chosen another company with smaller boats where you sit lower and are exposed.

The journey to the whale area was comfortable and the two guides were there to give you all the information you needed. If you are looking for summer good jobs for 18 year olds or college students in Victoria and you have marine wildlife training or knowledge, this type of work could be great if you can get it. It looks fun and it surely is exciting when you get to the whale area.

After the approximate 1 hour ride our boat slowed down to a crawl for the next hour and everyone rushed outside. There were over 30 other boats in the area and all of them were moving slowly with crowds of people on them.

The whales were luckily there that day and the guide told us there were over 50 of them comprising three different families. We watch as they surfaced quickly and went back under. None of them ever jumped fully out of the water but it was still amazing to be that close to real wild whales. We even saw a baby whale traveling on its mother’s back.

While we were in the whale area almost a full hour, it seemed much shorter. Before no time the boat sped up again and retraced its journey back home. It was a beautiful day and we were very fortunate that the weather and the whales all cooperated to make our experience one we will never forget. It was definitely worth the $100 per person we spent for the 3 hour ride.

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Language issues aside, I think I’ve travelled enough to make a good decision on the best TV channels to watch in the world.  The Japanese stuff even with English subtitles is just bizarre, the quiz shows plain scary and eventually it just is no fun to watch – perhaps if I spoke Japanese it would have helped but I’m not sure it would have.

Some American TV is great, there’s some wonderful shows although I did find them scattered around the many channels and hard to find.   US TV though is spoilt for me by the incredible amount of advertising – impossible (well for me) to get in to a show that cuts to adverts every few minutes.

Australian TV is well let’s just say disappointing, I’m not quite sure why it’s so bad – after all there’s some great Australian entertainers, rock bands, actors and films but believe me the TV is not good.

So eventually I always go back to the BBC, it’s not designed to watch 24/7 but the quality and the total lack of advertisements makes it a winner for me.  When I travel I always make sure I can access the BBC IPlayer site, for the uninitiated to watch IPlayer abroad you need either a VPN or proxy server based in the UK, like this.  This stops the blocking device which looks up your IP address when you connect – although you can disconnect from the service after the show has started.

These proxies or VPNs are available from hundreds of service providers for a small monthly charge in most cases.  If you work for a big company with offices in the UK – check to see if you have a VPN available which will work just as well.  It is possible to even find proxies available for free online – but prepare to spend many, many hours constantly hunting for a fast enough one to stream media from – you’ll need a lot of spare time for this.

Perhaps one day all these TV firms will unlock their content to the world, and we can all share our TV stations like the great ones in the UK like BBC iplayer and ITV player – see help here. Without all these restrictions and perhaps the increased interaction between nations will enable us to discover what the hell is going on with the Japanese TV stations!

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Do you understand the financial peril that credit cards can put you and your family in?  I hope you do because there really is no worse financial move to make than getting stuck deep in credit card debt.  The expected payoff time for credit card debt through monthly minimum payments is over thirty eight years!  Not to mention during that time frame you will spend over four times the original balance in interest payments alone!

If you are sick of this and want off the credit treadmill then it is recommended to try some sort of debt relief plan.   There are many out there and there will surely be one that can fit your individual unique financial situation and help you to get your freedom back.

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There are lots of advantages to having a home espresso machine not least the money you’ll save not going to Starbucks, especially if they enjoy regular espresso drinks. You can break even after about 3 months if you buy a mid-range maker like a Delonghi espresso machine. These machines can make a variety of espresso based  drinks, whether it is a cappuccino, mocha, latte, or other espresso drink. An espresso machine is perfect for parties or for getting a good caffeine kick before leaving the house in the morning.

Frothing Wand Creates Variety

There should be a frothing wand on a home espresso machine, at least if you truly want to make different espresso drinks. The wand froths and steams milk, so the machine can create a variety of espresso beverages. This means you can include a shot of espresso and add it to lattes, cappuccinos, or mochas. The milk is frothed and added and the drink is ready to be served. This is a necessary feature that should be on whichever machine you decide to purchase. Some of the products will also include milk canisters.

Consider a Water Filter

Your home might have a filter on the water softener or on the faucet, but there should also be a water filter on the espresso machine. This prevents chemicals or foreign objects from getting in the drinking water or in the espresso. While some places might have safer water than others, a water filter adds even more protection.

Strength Controls on the Machine

A good espresso machine should have the ability to work automatically and manually. This means coffee grounds and water can be controlled, which is necessary when making the different beverages. Flavors can be adjusted, and water can be added. This helps you make drinks for a variety of tastes for lots of people, quickly and easily.

There are lots of different features that you need to consider in a home espresso machine. Choose one that offers the tools needed to make a delicious beverage. You might want to read a specialist espresso machine website before buying and certainly check out what other people have said about the machines.

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Are you aware that there is a good chance your awful snoring dilemma is a result of sleep apnea?  At the moment it is projected that over ten million people have this condition and are left untreated and undiagnosed. However don’t worry yourself because there are treatment plans available and in many cases they will be covered under your insurance package.

When most people think sleep apnea treatment they think CPAP.  The CPAP machine is essentially a face mask put on at night that pushes air into the airway keeping it from collapsing and causing snores.  There is also the choice of opting for oral surgery, however this can be extremely painful and often times is unsuccessful.

Last but not least is oral appliance therapy, the alternative of choice for most people.  A lot of people today choose oral appliance therapy simply because it works the best and is the least uncomfortable of all treatment options.  What makes this treatment even more sensible is that many doctors are trained to create the mouthpiece for you, so you can visit your local dentist to fix this problem.

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Every day we see the evidence of ill health all around us. More and more people in our country are becoming over-weight. Added to this are chronic conditions such as Diabetes which we are starting to see in younger and younger people. We know that poor diet is the cause. But what exactly is the cure? Eating better is a big factor. What we are going to look at now is one particular factor in improving our health: How we can eat more fruits and vegetables. We can do this by making fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

How to Choose a Juicer

Different types of juicers are good for making different kinds of drinks. For example, citrus juicers are obviously great for making orange juice, centrifugal juicers are the fastest juicers for things like carrots and apples. Then masticating juicers are the most effective if you want to make a green juice. Therefore one of the first things you have to think about are what types of juices you’d like to make.

Another important consideration is how much you can afford to spend. It’s easy to conclude that a machine like the Omega VRT350HD is the best juicer. But this one costs nearly $400. So matching your budget to the juicer you buy is also very important.

For further information read this how to choose a juicer report.

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E cigarettes are a fairly new product that have grown in popularity over the last 2-3 years. Due to its rise there have been hundreds of brands flooding the market with claims that their e cig is the best in the world.

For this reason choosing an e cigarette can be quite a daunting task for the ‘first time buyer’. So what do you need to look out for when choosing an e cig? Lets take a look:

  • Be clear why you want an e cigarette, if its to help you quit smoking then great. If you don’t smoke and just think it would be cool to try then don’t buy one! They contain nicotine and can be addictive!
  • Pick your brand carefully. There are many excellent brands available but there is the odd stinker that sneaks in from nowhere. Take a look at this E-Lites review for one of the better brands available.
  • Decide on your budget and only look at the brands that fit within this
  • Choose whether you would like disposable cartomizers or if you would like to use refill juice to fill your cartridges.
  • Choose your nicotine strength, many companies will offer Lights, Full flavored and even zero nicotine cartridges. These all vary in the mg of nicotine they contain.
  • Be sure the e cig produces good vapor
  • Look into the battery quality and how many ‘puffs’ you will get from each charge
  • Do you want an e cig that resembles the real thing or are you not too bothered about this?

There are just a few of the many questions that repeatedly come up and all of them are important to know. Don’t let the seemingly complex choices put you off though as using an e cigarette as a tobacco replacement could be one of the best things you do.

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There are so many e cigarettes on the market today it’s tough for the newbie to decide which product to buy when they are trying to make that switch from tobacco to vaping. I’ve tried so many different products over the last few years for my web site at I thought I’d put together a very condensed review to help you pick out the brand that will meet your needs the best.

Here is a rundown of the top rated electronic cigarettes, all of which are worth buying but some more than others if you are looking for one feature in particular.

Green Smoke – This is the e cigarette seller which was rated number one buy more than any other up until very recently. It’s my personal favorite for a number of reasons including:

  1. It has the best vapor production of all the brands I have tried up to this point.
  2. The batteries last long enough that many people will find the larger sized option will last them an entire day of vaping.
  3. The new Flavormax cartridges provide an exceptional vaping experience with a lovely throat hit and satisfying flavor.

The only downside to the Green Smoke is that it costs a little bit more than most of the competition but it a price worth paying if you are interested in getting the best possible vaping experience.

Safecig - I didn’t try Safecig for a long time because for some reason I wasn’t expecting them to be all that good thanks to the fact they aren’t as widely reviewed as many of the other products out there. This was a big mistake on my part and when I recently received my Safe Cig Micro starter kit I immediately realized what I had been missing out on.

Here are a few of the things which help the Safecig stand out from the other options.

  1. The flavor of the cartridges is outstanding and far more natural than anything else available at the moment.
  2. The Safecig provides a very nice throat hit which is similar to a real tobacco cigarette.
  3. The Safecig Micro is very competitively priced with a starter kit being available for as little as $59.99
  4. These e cigs have a great feel about them which indicates to the user that the company has put a lot of thought and time in to their production. Definitely a high quality brand.

Like every brand the Safecig has things about it we would like to see done better. The most important of these is the fact the batteries on the micro only last a couple of hours. On the plus side they do charge very quickly, but for people who spend a lot of time out of the house this could be a problem they can’t overcome.

V2 – This is a company which has become wildly successful over the last 18 months thanks to a good product and a slick marketing campaign. Here’s what I like about the V2:

  1. It has long lasting batteries.
  2. They provide a huge range of flavors so you will never get bored using their product.
  3. There is a wide range of accessories available including an excellent portable charging case which will allow you to charge your batteries no matter where you are.
  4. Pricing of the products is very competitive.
  5. Their vapor production is very good.

The V2 is a great e cigarette for smokers who are just starting out. The only reason it is not rated above the other two products here are it doesn’t have vapor production, throat hit, or natural flavors they have. It’s a very good product though, and one that most people will be happy to use, especially if they are looking for their first e cigarette.

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Lately, the medical industry is continuously to be in great demand anywhere around the globe. With this in bright perspective, more and more individuals choose a medical career for better pay and recognition like a medical assistant position.

Availing a medical assistant career is not an easy task to accomplish. You have to be a detailed and highly organized person in order to pass the entire training program. But, that task doesn’t end there before you can fully acquire a truly rewarding career as a medical assistant. You have to pass a series of certification exams and the last part that most of us dread to be in that situation is to be in the “hot seat” meaning the first ever “job interview”.

Well, to save you the trouble of having to research or ask around how to be physically and mentally ready for that grueling moment, here are some tactics that you can apply. Take them seriously and you will benefit in the end for your first ever job interview:

  • Prepare in advance what you need to bring for that first interview like important documents as proof of your eligibility as a certified medical assistant. You don’t want to forget something that the interviewer might ask for during the interview itself.
  • Read your medical assistant resume. You should set aside a time to review what you have put in your resume. Try to memorize all the data in your mind, so that when the hiring manager or employer asked you a question related to your resume, you know exactly what to say. Bear in mind that what you put in your resume should tally with the facts you cite verbally during the course of the job interview. Be honest at all times.
  • Dress appropriately. Come in your best corporate or formal attire for your interview. Impress the interviewer by looking presentable in whatever outfit you chose to wear. Wear something in the neutral color schemes that envisions power and classy look. Avoid wearing too loud colors and look for clothes that you can mix and match without spending too much. Remember, this is just one of the many interviews you might have, so be ready with a different set of clothes for variation.
  • Be confident. Present yourself to the hiring manager as someone who knows what is expected of you with great confidence, but not showing any trace of arrogance. Be modest when you answer their questions and speak clearly and in the right tempo meaning not too fast or too slow in order for the one conducting the interview to fully understand what you are saying.

Take a deep breath and look in to the mirror before you enter that panel room for the scheduled interview. Do the last minute final touches on your face, outfit and try to be calm as possible when you enter that room. Give the interviewer or your future employer a courteous, warm greeting and offer a firm hand shake to show professionalism. You can make it, stay positive always and pass that medical assistant interview.

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Did you know that just a 100 years ago the oceans were full of magnificent Whales? Thanks to man, however, this  is no longer the case as commercial whaling has resulted in the killing of  millions of whales. This has been done to turn them into lubricants and cosmetics among other things. Today, Whales face lots of threats and dangers, and not just from the whaling industry. Pollution, fewer food sources, changes in habitat and changes in climate are a few of the problems that whales are up against today. I recently treated myself to a new Nespresso Citiz coffee machine and when I was looking for some new mugs to go with it I came across some Save the Whale ones which donate all royalties to a whale charity which is a great idea.

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During 2008 and 2009 I was lucky enough to do some extensive solo travelling throughout the world and one of my favourite destinations was the last country I visited; New Zealand.  The main reason for this was the fact that on Sunday 15th February 2009 I got to go Sperm Whale watching in Kaikoura, a small town on the East coast of New Zealands South Island, famous for whale, dolphin, seal and bird watching.  I was told by the boats whale guide that I could expect to see 2 or 3 Sperm whales on our short trip and I was hugely excited.  Well, the chap was wrong, in total I saw 9 sperm whales flipping their huge tail in the air and diving below the surface to continue feeding.  We saw plenty of other whales that day blowing water up through their blow holes so even the guide was hugely excited.  He believed their was over 20 around us in the water which was an absolutely huge number.  I was so excited and I felt so honoured that I had managed to see such a magnificent beast on that day and it is an I will hold dear till the day I die.

I have always been a big animal lover and seeing them in their natural habit is such a great feeling.  On the way back to the harbour, I was reflecting about what I had seen and suddenly really started to miss my own families pet cat!  I could just imagine her running up and down her cat furniture getting all excited and wanting to play. She is a typical playful, pouncing cat but even though she is a domestic cat and I will never get to see her in her natural environment I am really pleased that she is so clearly very happy and stimulated.  As you can tell, the sight of watching such a great beast clearly had quite an emotional effect on me as I am quite a soppy chap!  The next plan I have is Safari in Africa to see some really big cats – I wonder if I will thinking about my little cat then as well?

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iPad 2 Jailbreak - Whale Watching GuideIf you decide to take your iPad 2 at with you while whale watching you may need to use the iPad 2 jailbreak software to unlock the hidden features for video recording.  The iPad 2 is one of the most interesting gadgets of 2011 but has it’s limitations without unlocking it first.

You may not know everything that it can do though. You probably know that it can do many of the same things that your computer can do, even if it is a scaled down version of the Apple computer.  The great news is that there’s actually an app for whale watching.  All you need is a unlocked iPad to do the video and you’re good to go.

One thing you need to be careful of if you decide to jailbreak your iPad 2 is that if Apple finds out about the process, they can void your warranty and you also run the risk of what’s commonly called bricking. It’s called bricking because the iPad basically is as useful as a brick now since it doesn’t work.  There are ways to unbrick the iPad, but chances are you will be charged a ridiculous price to do so.

Jailbreaking an iPad is not always necessary. A tablet that works with a mobile service requires this. A tablet with wifi does not.  The jailbreaking process works the same way it does for a cell phone. When you jailbreak the unit you can use the iPad on any cellular network. The major problem with jailbreaking an iPad or iPhone is that it may require you to alter the hardware to switch carriers.  If that’s the case you may require a professional with the right equipment to perform the procedure.

Once you’ve taken care of jailbreaking your iPad 2 it’s time to enjoy the whales.  You’ve got your new whale watching app, full video features, and a cheaper internet carrier to take advantage of.  Now start videoing these beautiful creatures and load them up online and share it with the world.  Just be careful not to drop it in the water.

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So Seaworld is being sued for ‘enslaving’ whales. Should I be afraid that I will be sued for keeping our pet goldfish in a tank? I can’t really see a lot of difference: both the whales in Seaworld and our goldfish are well fed and looked after, and to the best of my knowledge whales don’t suffer as a consequence of living in Seaworld’s tanks. Just to be safe I won’t leave any contact details in this post in case the PETA turn their attention on me ?

Ah well, life must go on, I shall put the plight of the whales out of my mind; worrying about all the injustices in the world could affect one’s health. Talking of health, I started my day with my daily dose of aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice benefits my health in several ways: it is an anti-inflammatory action which benefits me in particular as I experienced several attacks of pancreatitis before I started to drink aloe vera. But since starting to drink the juice I have been clear of that life-threatening illness. Aloe vera will also boost your immune system, the body’s natural defense mechanism and the means by which the body fights off many illnesses from the common cold to many cancers. Come to think of it, maybe I should start a petition for aloe vera to be given to the whales in Seaworld, it might give them the same ‘feel good’ factor that I experience!

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When it comes to hunting there a are quite a few binoculars out there in the market however binoculars particularly for whale watching are not many out there. Those who use mostly use the marine binoculars and the best thing I would when going for the binos I to go for the best binoculars brands. Some of the best brands are Nikon, Pentax, Leupold and Bushnell.

For whale watching the most important requirement is to make sure that the bins are the wide angle bind so that enough light can come in. Again that can be done if you understand the specification of a binocular. The most important specification for the binoculars are something like 7×25, 8×40 etc. the second part of the specification is something which tells you about the diameter of the lens though which the light will come and for sure that what you should be looking at.

There are other things that you need to look for design of the binoculars which can be either roof prism or porro prism. Then there are lens coatings which can cause a huge difference.

One of the best ones to use for whale watching is the Pentax 7×50 Marine binoculars with compass. This one has the 50 mm diameter which is really big and of course useful for when you are on the boat. This one is waterproof construction and lens coating is Bak4.

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While some high school and college kids in the United States  find an after school job at a fast food restaurant to be the most convenient for them, others, often those  who are really  into sports decide to complete a Footlocker application and try to get a job working amongst all their favorite sporting goods instead.

There are more than 1,500 Footlocker stores – as well as Lady Footlocker and Kids Footlocker – across the United States so most young people find that there is a store near them that they can apply to. And for the kind of person who loves sports, or just really likes sneakers of all kinds, it really can be a dream first job, especially since Footlocker associates earn discounts on any merchandise they buy from the store as well as access to some of the hottest new sneakers of all different kinds first.

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Do you get dizzy when you go whale watching?

A lot of people do and despite the success of so many different medications and patches, some people still can’t be out on the water for long before they start to feel seasick.

One way to take the edge off so to speak, is with a bottle of wine….or even a glass!  A great wine of the month club can really help you get not only a glass of wine which will help you be able to enjoy your whale watching adventure, but it will also be of a high enough quality for you to feel good about sharing it with others once your whale watching tour has been completed.

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A fire pit is now one of the most requested features when it comes to commissioning a residential landscaping project. And why not? Fire pits look great, they provide a great focus for outdoor social gatherings and they even allow those who live in colder climates to enjoy hanging out outdoors just a few weeks longer as they provide just enough warmth to keep fall chills away.
A fire pit can be a safety hazard though, if it is not used properly and supervised carefully.

When you are choosing the location for a new fire pit for the sake of safety it should never be located any closer than ten feet away from another structure (such as your home itself) You should also check the local ordinances before you have a fire pit built as some communities have burn bans that prohibit the use of fire pits.

The best way to start your fire is to either use a twisted piece of newspaper or a store bought fire starter stick, covering it with just a few small sticks. As the fire begins to catch you can add larger pieces of wood. Whatever you do though do not be tempted to use gasoline or lighter fluid to start the fire, that is far too dangerous, even if you only add a “small amount”

When you are headed inside it is important to make sure that the fire in your fire pit is out. The best way to extinguish your fire is to take a handful of ashes, throw them onto the fire and then add a small amount of water. Do not walk away until you are sure the fire is out though as it could flare up at night when no one is around to see what is going on.

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Are you an independent whale watching guide trying to compete for visibility on the internet with the “big boys”? Of course everyone in your area may know the big whale watching firms. The reason they know those names is through marketing. Marketing can come in many forms such as radio, TV, print ads and yes even the internet.

You may not have the money for big TV, radio or print ads but advertising on the internet is far more cost effective than those other mediums because you are targeting people that are searching for exactly what you have to offer. By hiring a Search Engine Optimization Specialist you build value in your online business based on very specific keywords. The keywords are what those looking for whale watching activities use when performing an internet search.

By starting on the internet you can also attract visitors world wide and build a revenue that hopefully someday you will also be able to compete through other mediums as well and become one of the “big boys” yourself.

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It is assumed that about 1 % of laboratory animals is used for educational purposes around the world. According to various estimations, this seemingly nominal percentage still represents use of up to 100 million vertebrates around the world each year, and much more of invertebrates, whose protection is not usually defined in legislation.

In most countries, the use of animals in education of any level is usually not recorded, and the legislation related to this area does not exist (e.g. in China). However, there are also exceptions, when for example in three countries in different parts of the world dissections of animals were banned – in Argentina (1987), in Slovakia (1994), and in Israel (1999). The European Union has the most far-reaching regulations on the use of live animals in education. In the European Convention for the Protection of Vertebrate Animals Used for Experimental and Other Scientific Purposes (to which the Czech Republic is a signatory), the Council of Europe states that: Procedures carried out for the purpose of education, training or further training of professionals… shall be restricted to those absolutely necessary for the purpose of the education or training concerned and shall be permitted only if their objective cannot be achieved by comparably effective audio-visual or any other suitable method. There are also national laws, like for example the Swedish Animal Welfare Act, that go futher than the Convention in that they define animal experimentation as also including the killing of animals for dissection purposes. In 1993, the Italian Parliament passed a law which gives the option to refuse attendance in animal experiment of any form to all citizens, without being penalised. In 2001, thanks to this favourable legal situation, and to persistent work of individuals, it was possible to abolish animal experiments in education at 64 % of Italian universities (91 faculties), and to replace them with alternative methods. Already three quarters of medical faculties in the Unites States eliminated demonstrations on animals, only two Canadian medical schools include animals in their courses. Studies are performed to determine experimental possible usage  of new pharmacological drugs from constipation medication to triglycerides lowering medication. British medical and veterinary education is also mostly „alternative“. Active protests of students in many Australian universities resulted in broad replacing of animal experiments, and now all veterinary faculties give their students the right to conscientiously object to unnecessary animal use in the courses.

In 1988 the European Network of Individuals and Campaigns for Humane Education (EuroNICHE) was formed by a diverse groups of student conscientious objectors, anti-vivisectionists, ethologists and animal welfare researchers from several European countries, and in 2000 was transformed into a global network InterNICHE. InterNICHE aims for a high quality, fully humane education in biological science, veterinary and human medicine. It supports progressive science teaching and the replacement of animal experiments by working with teachers to introduce alternatives, and with students to support freedom of conscience. InterNICHE works in partnership with any individual, group or department that shares the common goals of replacement of harmful animal use and investment in high quality ethical science.

Also in Israel, the number of students who disagree with invasive education on animals grows, an many of them use the chance to loan alternatives from the InterNICHE Loan System, from which they can borrow required alternatives for free. In the South America, the regional network of students and organisations based in Brasil was established, and they organised several conferences which supported the importance of the use of alternative methods. Also in countries of their European ancestors, Spain and Portugal, the cultural approach to animal use in both science and education is being moving towards human trend. The change in accepting of the new principles, particularly in veterinary education, gradually develops also in India, even in the governmental level, where the main motivator is an activity of the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA). In Japan, a group of students aims for including of alternative approaches in education. They present their views also at scientific conferences. Individuals and organisations in other Asian countries start to educate themselves about the issue as well, and today a significant informational campaign and support of local teachers are in progress.

The financial benefits of using alternatives have been felt in, for example, Russia and Ukraine, where some animal experiments have ceased because of the economic crisis and subsequent lack of investment in education. While some particularly cruel experiments continue, interest in computer alternatives is growing. Thanks to joint support of British organisation RSPCA and international network InterNICHE, it was possible to build at Kyiv State University an alternatives lab which replaced the use of hundreds of animals.

Elsewhere in eastern Europe, financial and other resources are scarce too. However, there is considerable interest in humane teaching methods, and that is why the network InterNICHE linked up with another organisation, with Dutch Proefdiervrij in this case, and within the so-called Humane Education Award granted $ 18 000 teachers from former Yugoslavia, Romania, and Albania for developing of alternative methods to replace animal use. Another activity of InterNICHE is recycling and renovation of used computers from Britain for Russian and Romanian schools, along with software to create new alternatives lab.

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It would not be uncommon to be in a situation that will call for you to make some significant payment on some any kind of borrowing done. This may well refer to the mortgage loans as well as any other debts that will be extended to some deserving individuals. With such circumstances, it would be most handy had you the services of the interest calculator.

You will then be in a position to understand what amount of money you will be supposed to dispense on top of the principal amount that you had acquired. This critical information will be very relevant towards determining the level of installment to dispatch over the given period of time provided for the repayment.

As a basic necessity will be for you to have all the information relating to the loan that you would wish to calculate interest upon. By feeding this data to your machine you will then be able to get the mathematics worked out for you in the easiest method possible.

Also critical for you to have in place is the nature of importance that you are to pay or will allow.This will either be the compound where the principal will include the interest earned in the former period or it be the simple significance in which case there will be some flat and regular pay towards the principal.

Most of these kinds of calculators are available online. What is most important is for you to ensure you pick on the rightful website where you can have all your demands met in the most efficient manner. Upon feeding all the relevant data such as interest rate, length of repayment and loan amount the calculator will perform the basic arithmetic necessary.

You are then able to have the results of the process detailing on the total amount of money you will need to pay at the end of the period as well as the proportion that will go in as the interest on the principal earned.

The use of this calculator has many more advantages over the manual procedure. Among the many advantages will be on the accuracy thus derived. The programming on the calculator is as effective as to give the most efficient and reliable feedback relating to the importance.

More to it is the issue of having some high level of professionalism in the whole pint. As such there will be more confidence in the outcome as compared to the manual way whereby there is the likelihood of some bias on the results obtained thus; thus placing some level of compromise on the quality.

There is at the same time the aspect of having the most updates that will affect the significance determination. This will be with respect with changing factors such as the inflation which in one way or the other will alter the interest rates to be absorbed into the payment process.

Going by the nature of the needs that you have at hand concerning the money issues and important aspects in it, it is very desirable that one should in fact opt for the use of an interest calculator. This will go a long way to having your specific mathematics best handled.

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I have always been asked by many people why I do not leave the house and spend more time on my computer. The thing that bewildered them most I guess is I have so much money with me even when I do not have a regular job. I tell them that it is because I have an online business which is being managed by a seo agency I hired. This company employed a systematic way for my business to start, get customers and earn huge profits.

The company I hired laid out a business plan that was suitable to the type of business I owned.   It made a thorough research on the product I sold and the kind of customers needed. Because it was skilled in making a website, writing, programming and internet marketing, my online business was set up quickly.

When I saw the website of my business, I could not help but feel stunned and contented. It was beautiful and very attractive. The company then used online marketing strategies such as article marketing, affiliate marketing, social networking, pay-per-click advertisement, video marketing and forum marketing to make my business visible on the web. The company also had a dedicated team that divided tasks among each other so that things will run smoothly.

I never regretted hiring an internet marketing company. I could have just made my own website using free online tools and did all the marketing myself. This would have taken much of my time and I would not be enjoying the extra income I now make. With the right website, the proper advertising tools and a well-supervised website, my company earned numerous customers and made huge sales.

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I have many books on whales and my favourite place to read is in my  halls greenhouse on a warm Spring day, this time of year is so enjoyable apart from my nemesis my unkempt grass.

Cutting the grass can be very time consuming especially if you have a large garden.  In the summer months the grass probably will need to be cut once a week.  The best way to do this is to remove any garden ornaments or seats, basically anything which can be removed first.  This will make the job easier and quicker. 

Obviously certain things cannot be removed like greenhouses and sheds.  If you have a lawn mower which collects the cuttings this will save you having to rake the grass.  Cutting around the edges of paths and around things like greenhouses can be difficult.  This can be done with a pair of shears but this could take quite some time.  The best option is with a strimmer but the cuttings will need to be raked up after.

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As many of you know the whale is a very beautiful and majestic creature. While we as whale lovers may already have  an appreciation for the creature, it seems like street artists are beginning to appreciate it as well. With a quick search on Google one can find many pictures of whale graffiti. To my surprise whales actually look pretty cool when depicted in a unique underground style.  Whales are starting to appear more and more in urban artwork. You could be driving down the street in a major city and be surprised when you see a giant whale spray painted  on an ally wall! If you would like to check out some really awesome whale graffiti just pull up Google and search whale graffiti. You will be shocked to see how much whale art is really out there!

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Whale migration paths are one of the most studied in the scientific community. It is well known that whales migrate to accommodate there diets as well as mating behaviors and thus, it is almost always seasonal. Humpback whales for example travel south during the fall to take advantage of a warmer climate and a surplus of food. When Spring comes around, the reverse is true and they migrate north. This “travelling” has been studied carefully and many whales are tagged with radio and camera equipment so that scientists can get a closer look at the adventures a whale embarks on during migration.

Whale migration paths are in many ways very similar to early human migration paths. Go south during the colder months to take advantage of the warmer climate and go north during the summer months to have a slightly cooler climate that accommodates a variety of plant and animal growth. This behavior can even be seen in today’s modern travel industry. One trip advisor spoke about  the current trend of people buying holiday homes to visit depending on the season and when not in use, how more and more holiday home owners are renting out for visitors on a holiday vacation. Clearly we’re not so different from them after-all.

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There are plenty of things to see in Chicago. Many think of the downtown area, Mag Mile, Grant Park, Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, and Wilis Towers. Or perhaps they visit other landmarks like Wrigley Field. But there is plenty of other things to see that you can find tucked away in a Chicago guide. If you’re looking for a different kind of Midwest vacation, don’t get whiplash from all the stuff there is to see! Here are a few offbeat suggestions.

The Lincoln Park neighborhood is filled with culture, nature, and shopping. There are plenty of great restaurants and tree-lined streets in the neighborhood. Also, many festivals occur during the summer, especially on the weekends. Some of the festivals include Taste of Chicago, Chicago Blues Fest, Gay Pride Parade, the Outdoor Movie Festival, and the Christkindlmarket in the winter.

If you’re looking for a different kind of museum, check out the Irish Heritage Center in the Jefferson Park neighborhood. It has a library, museum, the Fifth Province Irish pub, a 658-seat auditorium, and more. Plenty of interesting things to see in Chicago!

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I love whale watching.  Ever since that first time I saw a humpback whale breach just meters away from my boat I’ve been hooked.  I was in Nicaragua at the time, exploring real estate opportunities when I walked past a sign advertising a trip to see the whales.

We jetted out of San Juan del Sur harbor and into the swell of the Pacific.  Our boat was tiny, and felt even more so once we got close to the whales.  There’s a real sense of vulnerability that you feel when you get up close to these beautiful mammals.  A pod of around 6 whales stayed with us for around an hour, blowing, breaching and diving.

As sunset approached I managed to snag a stunning photo of the tail fluke shimmering against the reddening sky.  I have that on my desk in front of me as I’m writing this.  And even though it’s been over 10 years since that first trip with the humpbacks all I have to do is take one look at that photo and I’m transported back in time.

On my desk is another photo.  It’s of a beachfront property that I bought in Nicaragua on the same visit.  The property is located on Playa Madera, just north of San Juan del Sur in a perfect spot just a few minutes walk to the surf.  I visit every year and love the peace and tranquility.  If you’re interested in Nicaragua real estate for sale (and I highly recommend it) then you should certainly check out what’s on offer over at

I’m now a pretty good surfer, but each time I get on a board I’m tempted to paddle out into the deep to see if I can find some whales.  Unfortunately they don’t come in as far these days as they used to, so the whale watching trips are not being offered any more.

In some ways I prefer it.  Whales in Nicaragua can remain my personal story.

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The Gulf of Thailand is a very popular tourist destination. In the upper reaches of the Gulf there are Koh Samet and Koh Chang. In the southern part of the Gulf are Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. It is an area that offers great weather, calm, tsunami free seas, magical beaches and plenty of excellent accommodation.

The island of Koh Tao is one of the smallest Thai islands in the Gulf. It is called turtle island because of its shape. It does, however, have some turtle breeding areas. The thing that makes Koh Tao famous, however, is its diving. Koh Tao is the second most popular spot in the world to learn scuba diving. Only the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has more people taking PADI courses.

The reason for Koh Tao’s popularity as a place to learn diving is due to its clear waters and excellent dive sites. There are a number of corals to explore off the coast with plenty of fish, turtles, eels and sharks to see.  Great beaches for diving and snorkeling in Koh Tao include Nang Yuan, Mango Bay, Jansom Bay and Sai Daeng.

The most famous dive site is Sail Rock. Here it is often possible to see whale sharks. This is a filter feeding shark that looks like a whale. It is in fact the largest fish species in the world.

To see whales in the Gulf of Thailand it is necessary to go to the upper reaches of the Gulf in such areas as Samut Sakhon, Samut Prakan, Samut Songkhram, and Phetchaburi. Here there are about 20 Bryde’s Whales as well as over 100 Irrawaddy dolphins.

The trouble is that since someone posted video footage of the  Bryde’s whales in the Gulf there has been a massive upturn in tourism in the area.  There are too many tour boats going out to spot the whales. These boats are getting too close to the whales. The result has been that in just a few months whale numbers have drastically reduced. Local and national authorities have so far done nothing to stop the damage been caused by the tour boats. Plans have been mooted to limit tour boats to just 2 or 3 areas so as not to inhibit the whales from feeding and breeding.

This is a good example of how whale watching needs to be carefully regulated.

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Whales and dolphins are some of the most harmless animals in the world. In the 16th hundred whales numbered in the millions and the oceans where filled with many species.It was only when the whaling industry started in the 17th century that they have been systematically hunted down for their whale oil, meat, baleen and a perfume ingredient called ambergris. Since the whaling industry has been in business for almost 3 centuries now that time has seen the decline of whale species putting then in the endangered list today.

The business case is this. Stop the hunt for whales and use tourism as the solution for keeping them in our oceans.

With more than three centuries of devastation in our oceans it is time to put a stop to the whaling industry and let whales and dolphins regain the numbers that they have lost after years of whale hunting.

Who eats whale meat these days? It is not a staple food for most cultures. The world can do without whale meat. Whale oil has alternatives now. It has out grown its use when kerosene, petroleum, and jojoba oil were developed. We can leave whale oil to the whales and use the alternative oils for commercial use. Even the baleen that was so prized in the 17th century for use as collar stiffeners, buggy whips, and parasol ribs have out grown their use. The industrial revolution made sure of that.

The times are saying to give the whales and dolphins back the ocean. They need to be able to live in their habitat without threat of being hunted down for parts that can be easily manufactured by 21st century technology. If countries want to earn from their whale population the best solution is tourism. Encourage people to see the whales living happily in their natural environment. Allow them to appreciate the beauty of these magnificent animals that have been in our oceans longer than the existence of civilization.

Some countries have caught on to the value of tourism as a sustainable industry for making the most of the presence of whales and dolphins in their waters. It’s a great solution to hunt them down to observe the gentle giants way of life in the waters. People and these regal animals of the sea should be able to exist harmoniously with each other from now on. Whales can benefit from the willingness of people to understand and care for them as harmless inhabitants of the sea.

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The history of gunsmithing is a fascinating one, and it is often discussed in classes at the Pennsylvania gunsmith school in Pittsburgh, PA. Sadly, though, one of the things that students learn is that whale oil used to be very popular for lubricating small gun parts. Sperm oil in particular was often used for springs.

Whale oil, despite being incredibly expensive, was very popular in the 1800s and was used as a lubricant for all sorts of products, including trains. Because of this, many species of whales were driven to the brink of extinction.

However, that all changed in 1857 with Michael Dietz’s kerosene lamp invention. Almost immediately the demand for whale oil dropped and kerosene, also known as coal oil, production skyrocketed. It is estimated that had coal oil not been introduced onto the market when it had, nearly every species of whale would have been extinct in only another ten years.

Whales face a whole new set of challenges today than they did back in the 1800s when whale oil was popular. Luck was on the whales’ side back in the 1800s; let’s hope it happens again.

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I had a troubled upbringing you could say. I never stayed anywhere for too long, constantly being moved from one foster home to another, when i was 18 i decided to see the world- i thought it would be an escape from the humdrum and would cancel out all the bad things i had seen, done and inflicted on myself. Never did i think that a whale watching trip would change my world so drastically.

But before that wonderful day I driffted from country to country sneaking round visa requirements and working under the table, sometimes doing things that i’d rathe not mention.
Then came the whales. I had some spare cash and something just drew me to the whale watching trip. Onboard we didn’t see anything for the first hour and then they came. One whale in particular ( an Orca i later learned) came up so close to the boat and kind of rolled on it’s side and looked at me with its beutiful big eye. It doesn’t sound that intense but i felt lifted by this whale, it seemed to see right through to my soul. The next day i returned home to Britain, my travelling was done and i wanted a fresh start. I went for tattoo removal to get rid of all my amateur self inflicted tattoos that i thought chronicled my life but i now reealise was something to hide behind. With clean skin and a clear head i trained as a social worker and am now helping kids like myself to avoid the mistakes i made. I still wonder about that whale. I hope i see it again one day, was it sent to save me or did i just need a living creature to look at me with no judgement?

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The US Military plans in 2014 to increase testing on Sonar equipment off the coast of California. This means that many species of whales, dolphins and other marine mammals could continue to be adversely affected by this equipment training.  It is recommneded that Americans contact their federal congressional respresentative to immediately put a halt to this behavior.  At now for the sake of the whales!

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Make up is part of woman daily basis. No make-up means no confident. I myself can spend almost hours in front of mirror to apply make-up on my face. This is very annoying but I cannot really get out for work without it. I am sure you feel the same way.

So there are some guides that you can try at home to be stunning in a very short time. First, apply the moisturizer in the darker area of your face, such as under eye circles and blemishes. Apply little stripes with a pointed concealer brush. Then blend with your finger with the light touch. Second, apply the foundation on all over your face. Use the stick like a giant marker, draw thick lines down cheekbones, the sides of your nose and above brows, and blend with your fingers. Third, blush on is on. Apply some on your cheeks; do not forget to smile to get the perfect shape. Then blend the color up toward your temples with your fingers. Fourth, Apply Shimmery Eye Base. For pro-looking eye makeup in no time, apply a wash of sheer, shimmery cream shadow from lash lines to brow bones using your pointer finger. Fifth, use bronze and gold cream shadows to give eyes more depth. Apply the bronze shade in your creases with a flat shadow brush for more control, and use your fingers to smudge it down over the lids—avoiding the brow bones. Sixth, add some mascara, for more intensity, rim your upper lash lines with a brown liner pencil and smudge it upward with your shadow brush. Then set with the same powder eye shadow. Finish off with two coats of mascara, on top and bottom—focusing on the outer lashes with the top of the wand. To give eyes an even bigger boost, use an eyelash curler before you apply mascara. Start as close to the roots of your lashes as possible and gently pulse the curler forward bit by bit to the ends.

Last, get lush-looking lips, if your lips are dry or at all chapped, gently buff with a damp washcloth and apply lip balm. Let it sink in well, and blot with a tissue if it feels slippery. Take it straight from the tube, apply it to the center of your mouth (make a kissy face!), where color tends to wear off first. Blend the lipstick out over your lips, patting the color on with your fingertip to help it last.

The whole thing is only taking not more than 10 minutes. Feel free to check another beauty product at

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Facebook is the famous devise in the world that people use to communicate with everybody now day. Like the other devises, Facebook has the positive point and negative point. The positive point is when you can use it to get the information without you need to actually go there to find out.

When I want to search the info about automatic pet feeder reviews for my lovely cat, my friend from Texas showed me where I can find the review about it. I really like this device, even though a lot of people in my country do not like it. They said Facebook brings the negative effect for the teenagers.

But I think it is not the device that should be blamed for this but the human that uses it. We should use everything wisely to get the positive side from it. Do you agree with me?

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I don’t know if you realise how important your radiator is until you get to the Arctic.

When we were there the digs had to be kept at a steady temperature and every so often we had to do a bit of radiator maintenance. I think the guy that made us always said that saying about a stitch in time, basically saying to have a radiator breaking down would be unacceptable.

When I got there I looked online and found some really helpful videos that meant I could do my bit, click here for more info. I could always put up with a broken heater at home but having the pressure of being out there was a bit worrying.

Knowing that all of that was taken care of we could put our minds on the busiiness Arctic wildlife, the real reason we were there. We managed to get some amazing footage in our time out there and the experience was unforgetable. I don’t know if I would fancy going out there again, maybe my next trip will be somewhere a little more tropical. I hope so anyway.


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For the pet lover out there, take care of your pet is never easy. Even though you have a biggest heart ever for loving a pet but you need more than that to take care a loving animal. 

Buying a pet or two comes with the responsibility to take care of them. For example, a dog needs more attention than a cat. A cat may be left in the yard at night but never ever do that to your dog. A dog that has the playing instinct may run away from your home. A cat that has the instinct to find its own home may come back but a dog may remain missing.  For the food, you can buy an automatic pet feeder to help you take care of them. It will save a lot of your time of feeding them.

A pet like parrot or fish are easy to take care of when you do not have a lot time at home. A carrot just needs a three times food a day and a fish just need to change water in one a week.

Or if you want a more dangerous pet to take care of. A lizard or snake may be an alternative. But remember to keep them save in a cage. Taking care of pet can be so easy depending how you manage to do that.

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Two brothers were quietly fishing off the north western coast of Ieland recently when they got a bit of a shock.  Out from the water rose a pair of killer whales, very close to the boat.  The lucky fisherman are Pat and John Cunningham who were trawling for Pollock in their slamm 20ft rowing boat.  They were only half a mile from the shore near to the town of Glencomcille when they had their incredible experience.

“We had come across dolphins earlier… and they were jumping around our boat,” said John (50). But then there was a splash, which I knew straight away wasn’t a dolphin. Then the two killer whales rose from the water. I’ve only ever seen them in the North Sea when I was commercial fishing up there,” John explained.”

Here’s a great video of some Orca Whales captured about a year ago, not very far away.


Some of the Whale watching groups in the area have speculated that the pair may have been the same spotted off Mizen Head in Cork on the 11th June and a little later off the coast of Cork.

You can find a full report of the sighting on the Irish Indepent site, plus on the BBC archives and iPlayer site - this link will help outside UK.  There’s frequent whale sightings all across the coasts of Ireland and they seem to be increasing.  A good source of information is on Ireland’s National Broadcaster RTE which often features stories and news reports about whale sightings.  You can only access the International version if you’re based outside Ireland, although you can get the full site using this method – RTE player from UK or USA.

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To be successful in these ventures, there are various important sources of information that will be needed. This is where amazing resources such as the impeccable financial resources site, PaymentBot, comes in handy. Loans are forms of credit advanced by banks for different purposes. They are normally charged an interest rate and this is where the catch is regarding these loans.  The PaymentBot website will provide all the information and data necessary for the suitable solutions of a financial nature that customers may need.

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Exciting news for Scottish Whale watchers, as a report on the BBC news site is stating a large group of whales has been spotted by the Firth of Forth.  The total number is unclear but it is estimated around 15 and experts say that they are likely to be Sperm whales.  The pictures of the whales where taken from the sky but it is possible to identify them from the tail flukes, their dorsal fins and the distinctive plumes of spray the Sperm whales demonstrate.

The first sighting was on Thursday last week, when they were spotted near the Isle of Fidra only about a mile offshore from the mainland.  From this point they moved direction and headed towards Fife.  The idenitification was made by members of the Scottish Natural Heritage who had the knowledge to positively identify the breed.

It is very rare to see sperm whales in that area of Scotland and to see such a large pod travelling together even more unusual.  You occasionally see single whales and indeed last year one was beached at Canty Bay last year.  They are normally found in much deeper waters as one of their main foods is squid.

The pod where also spotted very near the Scottish Seabird centre and is a great iillustration of the wildlife that can be found around the coast of Scotland. If you want to keep up to date with news on Scottish Whales then the BBC News and Wildlife website is probably one of your best options.  Some of the news reports and nature programmes will not be accessible outside the United Kingdom though unless you invest in a proxy server – like this site - or watch this video about accessing Iplayer online.

There is an important initiative been started now in Scotland by Sea Watch, who are embarking on a survey of whales and dolphins off the North coast.  They are particularly concerned about the area where extensive offshore energy installations are to be sites.


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It is an exciting moment shopping for branded hand bag; it may be quite desperate to find them already damage or stretched. To get it always looking good, you have to clean it regularly. In fact, stains probably the thing that easiest to clean but it could be also harmful to your handbag if you clean it in the wrong way. The regular dust and stain usually can be cleaned by damp soft clothe or soft sponge. However, the stain is much and quite difficult to clean, you may use a lightweight scouring pad.

The most important factor could damage your leather handbag is whether conditions. Condition the handbag once while it is still damp and again after it is completely dry. After you can make sure that the bag is completely dry, remove all stuff from the bag and stuff it with small amount of tissue paper to maintain its shape and dry it again in the well-ventilation room for about 10 minutes. You might have not only one bag, more often it is used it will be damage soon. It is very good advice for you to visit to complete your collection.

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A Guide to California’s Napa Valley

Napa Valley is one of the most historic and well known wine regions in the entire world.  For someone who drinks wine on a regular basis, it is one of the greatest trips that anyone could ever take.

So here’s the guide, at least a quick version.  If you’re visiting for the first time you will want to spend some time in Rutherford which is home to Mondavi, Krug and so many of the names that have made the Valley famous the world over.

If you want to take the next step, travel further north to Calistoga and the so called upper valley.  The great part about visiting the upper valley is that it is like stepping back in time.  Less tourists to be sure, but also more of the agricultural preserve still exists here. The ag preserve according to most locals, is what allowed the wine industry to take off so many years ago.

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Well it seems that pigs do fly! Or the case of whales, our mammal brethren do indeed care out their form.

Recent studies have reported that whales engage in workout routines similar to many humans. Now we’re not talking active circuit training or anything like you’d find in the Insanity Workout review. But nonetheless, whales do seem to organize group swim sessions, which involve programmed and coordinated sessions akin to workouts.

Artic Whale researcher Jim Gravy remarked at the Annual Sapporo Whale Conference yesterday, “it does seem from our initial analysis that whales do enjoy the similar pleasure from engaging in activity for activity’s sake on mass, much like your average aerobics class.”

Of course more research in needed into these finding so check back in with Whale Post to find out more.


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Whale watching is not exactly a hobby that is open to everyone with the location and ability to get out at sea major factors. This strictly prohibits the amount of people actually able to do this but now we are able to get access to different ways of viewing these majestic creatures. The internet has opened up the avenue of being able to view incredible live footage of whales from anywhere onthe planet no matter where you are.

Having this great opportunity has opened the world of whale watching to so many more than would previously have been and because of this the message of saving whales habitat can be heard on a greater platform.

It is also a valuable tool to use for studying the behaviour and migrating patterns on a larger scale without the cost or trouble of being out in the field. This cost saving allows a lot more to be done and seen so the advancement in whale watching technology has also had a positive impact on the studies of whales for that reason.

There are so many valuable resources available online that anyone can see, from videos, picture sites as well as all the papers on research so anyone with an interest has never ad it easier.


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Whales and dolphins are beautiful animals, and they should be able to stay that way, but the problem is, we are destroying their environment. We were not the first species on this planet, and yet we came, took everything over, and pushed nature a breath from destruction. If you want to do your part to better the environment, then the first step is always the most important. Buying a greenhouse garden can help you to cut down severely on your own footprint on this earth, so you can feel good about knowing that not only did you make a difference, but you helped to prevent destruction as well.


 How Chemicals Kill


Would you drink a bottle full of chemicals? Chances are high that you would not. So why then do we make the earth drink countless thousands of gallons of chemicals each and every day? These chemicals leach out and make their ways in to literally everything, including the water we drink, and the water in which whales and dolphins swim in. Buying a greenhouse can allow you to grow your own fruits and veggies without the need of harsh chemicals that are dangerous to the earth, and to your body as well.


 What You Can Grow


What can you grow in your new greenhouse? Literally anything that you want to grow! The best thing about greenhouses is that they are extremely versatile, and finding greenhouses for sale is easy! Because greenhouses protect your plants from the brunt of the elements, you can grow flowers, fruits, veggies and herbs in almost any season, as the plants get the nutrients they need from sunlight, and are enabled to grow naturally without undo harm from the wind, rain, snow or other seasonal changes.


 How You Can Buy


Buying a greenhouse is very easy to do. In fact, you can find greenhouses for sale online. But if you like to see what you buy beforehand, you can also buy a greenhouse from your local hardware store, such has Lowes or the Home Depot. Of course, because they are quite expensive at times, you can also opt to buy a used greenhouse from someone who has outgrown their own and is looking to expand. This will save you literally hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, depending on what size greenhouse you end up deciding to buy!


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Whales are some of the most intriguing creatures on earth, and it is fun to teach people—especially kids—all about them. Whales aren’t fish, they’re the largest creatures to ever exist, and unfortunately they’ve been hunted down by rampant whaling.

Websites have more features which can teach children all about whales. What’s more, these features can be so engrossing that children would actually want to know more about them. However, if you’re planning to start a website with this goal in mind, you’ll need to realize that having these special features can have a significant effect on the website design pricing.


There are many books about whales, and those especially designed for children have lots of pictures to pique their interest. However, these pictures don’t really show whales in action, and videos can do that. Your videos can show them swimming around and feeding, and it can be terribly awesome to see lots of whales in a group. The sounds they make are utterly fascinating as well.

You always have the option of shooting these videos yourself, of course, though there may be far cheaper ways of obtaining them. One way of doing so is by contacting educational institutions and save-the-whale organizations about their stock of whale videos. You may even be able to download some free (do check and make sure!) videos right off the Web. Integrating these videos may not be easy, however, so make sure that you take note of that when you negotiate the website design pricing with the experts.


Flash games are options that no book or TV documentary can provide. You can have simple games for kids with whales evading fishing trawlers, for example. However, even simplistic games can cost a lot. But if it helps children value the existence of whales, then every cent spent on the website design pricing may be worth it.

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It is important to know the detail product before owning a new automatic cat feeder wet food. Here are some guide to know the physical of it, what should you have consider to purchase? First about the type, adjust with your needed, whether you need the simple feeder or more advance type. Next you have to know the common features of each product.  You can read some reviews to make a comparison. Notice the  controlling system such as the timer that you can set, the portion of the meal, the operating system whether it iasy to use or no. Think also about the advantages and disadvantages of using the automatic cat feeder , the last compare the price.

There are some many ways to get the information before you start to surf for your automatic feeder. One of them is getting the information from internet. New experiece with helpful tools will bring a lot of eaayness to show your love to your cat

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Heartening news from Australia this week in a report from by Jennifer Crawley of the Mercury.  She reports that the Japanese whaling fleet has had one of it’s worse seasons ever, for a variety of reasons but largely because of the anti-whaling activists Sea Shepherd.  Apparently according to the organisations director, Bob Brown the Japan fleet has had it’s lowest kill rate for the last decade.

The organisation estimates that the whaling fleet has approximately 75 whale carcasses on board their fleet.  There were other reasons for their lack of success including bad weather conditions, and of course the falling levels of Whales due to this hunting and the fall in plankton stocks generally.

The season however has seen increasing levels of conflict between the whaling fleet and the activists.  There are several legal challenges to the operation of the Japanese fleet.  Australia have claimed that Japan has breached several of the international agreements and a court case is lodged with the ICJ.  Unfortunately the case is moving very slowly and it is expected that the Japanese will keep killilng whales until it is finalised.  The Sea Shepherd organisation have vowed to keep on disrupting the whaling whilst the case is being heard.


The Sea Shepherd Organisation is doing a great job, here’s a fun Harlem Shake video they made.  But if you want to see more of their work check out the Youtube channel and the organisations website -  If you have trouble accessing the videos or the organisations website because of content filtering or firewalls, then check out this post VPN iPad US.  It actually shows you how to set up something called a VPN on an iPad, this allows you to watch content that may be blocked in your current location.  There are links on that site for other devices like PCs and laptops that you can read too.

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Paso Robles was once thought as an up and coming wine region in America.  A decade ago, that was certainly the only way to describe it.  These days-it’s much, much more.  Paso Robles has arrived as a member of the wine elite in California and therefore the world.

So here’s the thing about Paso Robles-much like Napa Valley or Sonoma it’s simply a town that a wine region has grown around.  It’s an address where the winery makes its wine, not where the grapes are actually grown.  To find the best grapes in and around Paso Robles, you have to find yourself in the western reaches of Paso Robles.  That’s where the warm summer temperatures are cooled by night air, which allows the grapes to recover their acidity.  That’s what makes for good wine. That’s what to take away from this guide to California’s newest best wine region, paso robles.

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Making withdrawals from your savings is probably something that you want to avoid whenever possible. However, you are going to face many times in life where you could use a bit of extra money in order to stay on track with your bills or buy some of the things that you have wanted for some period of time. If you do not know how much you can take out of your savings account, this could make your life very difficult. The solution to this would be to use an interest calculator in order to get a better understanding of the returns that you can count on for the next few months. After you know exactly where you stand, you would then be able to decide how much you are willing to withdraw.

It is very difficult to allow money to sit into a savings account and never touch it. If you need something that would inspire you to do this, an interest calculator may help you. If you have been happy with the amount of money you have in this account, you want to continue making deposits whenever possible. Also, you want to limit the amount of money that you decide to take out for any reason. However, a calculator may also help you to decide how much you can afford to remove from the account based on the returns you already have coming in. If this is something that would make your life a lot easier, start using a quality calculator today.

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Culturally, the Japanese have eaten whale meat for centuries. As someone who as visited Japan, I can tell you from the one time that I ate whale meat that it tastes similar to beef. One Japanese argument that I have heard is that Westerners eat cows so what is so wrong with Japanese eating whales? I think this is a reasonable point. I’m certainly not trying to advocate that killing whales is a good thing. However, I do see it as hypocritical that Westerners who continue to eat meat should be so opposed to the Japanese whaling industry. In some respects, it is like anti-abortionists being pro-war. It just doesn’t make sense.

Greenpeace say on their website (

The Japanese invented the concept of ’scientific’ whaling in 1987 as a way round the moratorium on commercial whaling instituted by the the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Their research is not really research. It is an excuse for supplying whale meat on the Japanese market

I find it interesting that Japan claim to be killing whales for research. This is not very truthful. Go to any large supermarket in Japan and you will likely be able to find whale meat on sale. I wonder how much research shoppers are doing on the meat?

Japan is very well known throughout the world for all kinds of great tasting foods including sushi, tempura as well as the ubiquitous rice. This grain is a popular food for vegans ( and is eaten in high quantities in Asia and Africa.

The Japanese Zen philosophy is in stark contrast to the pain and suffering caused to whales (and dolphins) by fishermen from this island nation. Rice on the other hand is a food that is much more aligned with nature.

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Buying presents for anyone can be difficult but when you know someone with a specific interest you know that you can go down that route and incorporate that into the theme of it.

Speaking from personal experience my family always claimed that my dad was hard to buy for but I never had a problem. I knew he was a keen whale watcher and loved finding out about all the different species so every year I would get him something from a Bok, DVD or even a phone case. One year though, I think it was his 50th my mum cottoned on to the fact that whale related gifts were the way forward so booked a trip to Greenland where we all got to see the most incredible whales in the flesh.

It was after that, that my whole family got involved in Whale conservation and we have stayed that way ever since and quite often go about schools and such informing people about the threat to there habitat and how detrimental to certain specias hunting is.

Hopefully with the right knowledge people can make the changes needed to protect these most amazing animals.


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Having lived in the UK for a number of years no i have never been whale or dolphin watching in our British waters before. This all changed this summer when i decided to take a trip north to Scotland for a week to firstly visit some friends and also take the chance to visit the coast and hopefully partake in some whale watching. 

I booked myself a lodge via that i could use as a base for my week long visit meaning i could come and go as i please not having to worry about late arrivals or leaving early in the morning.

Arriving late on the Sunday evening i decided to relax and enjoy all the activities and facilities that the resort had to offer having a sauna and swim before enjoying a night cap as i had an early start in the morning heading up to the Scottish Dolphin Centre in the Spey Bay to go and do some dolphin watching and learn about all the good work that they have been doing. 

Lucky for me the Monday was a beautifully clear day with meaning that the was a clear views out into the bay and there was a school of dolphins that had been kicking about and playing in the warm waters after spending the morning there and chatting to a number of the staff one of the locals offered to take me out on their boat to get a more close up view of the dolphins. 

That afternoon i went out in the boat to get a closer view, take the small fishing boat out into the bay we headed out carefully not to in danger any of the dolphins and before i knew it there was dolphins  jumping though the wash that the boat was creating and swimming along side us. We soon cut the engines and let sat to enjoy the animals in the wild. 

Thankfully i went on this day as the rest of the week took a turn for the worst with the classic Scottish bad weather kicking in and ruining all chance of getting a good view of anymore but it is certainly another trip i would be willing to take in the chance of another great experience. 

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Do you ever imagine taking care of your pet without concern of its litter? Now it is not imagination anymore. Everything is possible if you own an automatic cat litter box, just like having an extra person who helps you and there is the chance to make things easier for both pet and owner. If you have only a cat it might be wouldn’t be a big problem keeping its litter box clean and shiny and smelling fresh. But when your tabby decided to get married and present you with two fur-baby grandchildren, well, the litter box is going to become your problem.

Actually you love your pets, but it’s no secret that cleaning up after kitty can be a less than exciting task. Cat box smells are one of the most frustrating parts of the job for many pet owners. Luckily, there are solutions. These days there are a number of automatic cat litter box provided in the store. And you can set yourself free from scooping the litter with automatic cat litter box, it doesn’t take very long for a used litter box to develop a pungent smell.

Automatic cat litter box is new invention to easier your works in taking care of your pet, it is easy to use but expensive. The way it works is equipped with automatic combing mechanisms which sweeps clumps from the compartment and into a disposable bag container after your kitty is done using it. Some of the models available have sensors or pressure pads which allow the machine to know if the cat has already left. Now clean up your cat is no longer be a burden by own automatic cat litter box which can set you free from scooping.

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Do you what is the biggest animal in our planet? It is whale. Whales are the biggest animal that has been found so far on our planet. They have an enormous size of body, also they are very heavy. They can grow up to 100 feet in length and its fin can grow up to 88 fits.

There are some unique facts about whales which are not known for us. Whales can sleep. When whales sleep, they only put one-half of their brain to rest. It is very odd to know that whales can sleep. They sleep with a half brain so that they still can take a deep breath to the surface.

Don’t forget that whales are mammals that need air to breathe. Also, they do that to keep alert for dangerous around them. Whales have a sense to hear, just like us, a human being. They can hear sound clear enough. It is known that whales have an excellent hearing ability.

Just like in the article, best automatic litter box reviews, kitties listen to you when you ask them to use box, but whales have better hearing than kitty to listen slightest sound. Whales also have a very long life span. Have you ever guessed? Bowhead, one of popular species from whales, can be lived for over 200 years, compared to human than can only live for 112 years.

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There have been lots of sightings of Whales over the last month in Oregon.  There have even be some sightings of the usually rarer humpback whales recorded by some of the officials from the Whale Watch Centre.

The increase is probably due to the calm and sunny conditions recently.  Firstly you are able to see the whales more easily, particularly due to the smaller waves size.  The calm is also good for the Whales too, calm conditions are much better for plankton and other food to grow much more quickly.

The numbers are really quite impressive, in fact on September 20th – ten whales were spotted.  Nearly every day through September at least 5 per day were spotted.

So how do you go about watching these whales.  Well the best places to see them are from promontories with lighthouses.  Try Neahkahnie Mountain up on the North Coast or Yaquine head on the central coast. Remember that the number of sightings can vary enormously with the seasons.  Also the type of whale will vary with the seasons too, one of the best times is through the end of March when lots of sightings are usually made.

It’s a very good time to see the Grays which migrate towards the end of March and they travel in large groups which makes them easier to spot.  Also the 14 foot blow helps spot them too.  If you want to get more information on whales further afield then check out the environmental and nature site on the BBC website.  You might need to use this technique to get access - which demonstrates how to use the website.

More great footage on YouTube and CTV – Try this


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Even though the biggest enemy to wales are hunters, ship sonars, fishery nets and sanity of the water, the global warming has recently raised awareness for whale friends and scientists. Global warming has certainly made a bad impact to whale migration, feeding and mating. As global warming raises the temperature there are several factors that gives an impact to whale population such as:

  • Declining sanity of the water because of increased rainfalls as well as ice melting;
  • Raised ocean water temperature;
  • Loss of icy polar habitats;
  • Decline of plankton and krill population that is the food of most of the whale species;

In last 20-30 years some drastic climate changes has caused whales, dolphins and other sea animals to adopt, however it is hard in such a short period of time. If the global warming continues, the results can be hazardous as many sea species are very sensitive for such changes and may not adopt and therefor would not survive this climate change. According to scientists – the greatest climate change impact is regarded to Arctic and Antarctic territories. All things considered this can result in much greater damages to whale populations all over the world as well as sea life in general. It is important to inform the society about the global warming and its impact on sea animals such as our beloved whales. Everyone can start with recycling paper and glass, and choosing a better car, for example a hybrid or electric car with low or no co2 emissions. Some great car videos you can check in and start thinking greener today as well as helping whales of the deep seas! We have to act now and every little helps! By educating your family and friends you would make a real difference! Start thinking green and stopping the climate change!

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So you want to lose weight right? Well, a lot of people also want that but the problem is that they usually don’t take the time to do a proper research in order to find out how to effortless and easily achieve their goals.

I’ve spoken and coached many people along the years and the majority of them that did indeed achieved their goals on losing weight had one thing in common: they all frequented good gym clubs where they felt energetic and excited about exercising. It is not just about the “right place” – but the right focus!

So in order to get some good fitness prices for your membership subscription, here are some tips that will certainly help you reduce the amount of dollars you pay:

› Negotiate for bulk deals: if you are 100% sure that you will be going to your gym for more than one year, then you should definitely try getting a deal for 2 years or more. Usually gyms and other fitness centers will offer a very good discount if you sign up with them with contracts longer than a year.

Bring a friend!: besides helping someone else also losing weight, you might get a good deal on your own membership as gyms usually go out of their way when you bring someone together. Expect to get at least a 10-20% discount with these.

Reduced gym time: if you know you won’t be going to your gym at least 5 times a week, perhaps you can negotiate for a better deal and pay less while going to the gym only twice or thrice times a week.

So hopefully with these tips you will be able to get a good fitness deal for yourself and get in shape as soon as possible!

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How many people set goals for the new year that involve losing weight, keeping fit or giving up smoking? I would say 95% of people who choose a resolution will go for one of those mentioned. If you are wanting to improve your health there are a few things that will help you along the way.

Training: Gym Vs Boot-Camp Training

When people decide to get themselves fit and lose those unwanted pounds the first thing most do is join a gym. Now, while there is nothing wrong with that it requires extra will power to maintain a level that will produce results. A large percentage of people give up before they see any results and to add to that carry on paying their gym membership for a year because they are either under contract or still have the best intentions to go.

Another solution and one that is becoming more popular is Boot Camp training. This involves joining in with a group and put through your paces, in most cases nutritional advice will also be given. This way of training is definitely recommended for anyone that loses momentum in the gym, with the boot-camp you will be pushed hard as it is results based training. Many people see results within 4-6 weeks of attending regular classes. This is the way to go for results!

Cut Back On The Bad Stuff

The bad stuff we are talking about is unhealthy foods, alcohol and smoking. There is no need to quit any immediately, just do a little at a time, if you smoke switch to smokeless cigarettes. Use The Safe Cig coupon code to get a discount on any starter kit and get your nicotine hit in a different way.

If you live on takeaway food then try and cut that back to just one takeaway meal a week, the same goes with alcohol. When cooking take a little more time to plan your meals and eat lots of lean meats and good vegetables like broccoli.

They are just a couple of ways you can help yourself reach your goals in 2012. The only thing you need to do now is take action!


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Whales are the biggest animals recognized so far on our planet. They’re heavy and extremely large in size. A whale can grow up to 100 feet in length and its fin can grow up to 88 fits. There are many facts about Whales which are not known to common folks like you and I. Therefore, I try to pen down some facts about whales in this short post.

Whales Too Sleep

When Whales fall asleep they put one-half of their brain to rest. It sounds strange to know that whales sleep too? Actually, they come to the surface of the water to breath and it is then their one-half brain is resting and other half is awake. This ensures their safety in the environment and keeps them away from any type of dangers and disorders.

Whales Hear Too

Like us human beings Whales too have a sense to hear. They can hear things loud and clear. Though it’s still not sure whether they can smell or taste, it’s very much known that Whales have an excellent hearing ability. Like your kitty listens to you when you ask her to use an automatic litter box, whales hear even the slightest noise near them. And they act too.

Whales Live Long

Compared to us humans, whales live long. One of the popular species named bowhead is said to live for over 200 years. Yes, almost two centuries of life. Isn’t that amazing?

If you want to know more facts about whales, you can accompany the groups that go on expedition or can read books.

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Here’s a practical guide to help you choose believable faux jewelry.


There are all too many shops that sell fake wedding rings and far too few buying guides to help consumers get good value for their money – especially when it comes to cheap cubic zirconia or faux diamond sets that cost between fifty and a hundred dollars. So here are some tips to guide you as you choose the best possible fake wedding rings available.


1. the number one consumer mistake when buying cheap cubic zirconia or faux gemstone engagement rings or wedding sets is thinking that since they’re so cheap, bigger is better. As a rule of thumb when shopping for fake jewelry, especially if it’s to be used for a serious occasion like an engagement or a wedding, is: Don’t choose a whale-sized fake diamond, but a sensible, affordable-looking stone that’s no larger than 1 carat in weight – or the equivalent if it were a diamond.


2. another buying tip when it comes to CZ bridal jewelry / fake wedding rings is to select the least flashy, eccentric or ostentatious mounting possible. More elaborate isn’t necessarily better. Understated elegance is believable even if the diamonds in your wedding rings are synthetic and the metal isn’t even silver. It’s not a good idea to buy an imitation of a celebrity pink or yellow diamond engagement ring even if it costs the same as a smaller CZ solitaire with a plain wedding band.


3. Just because you don’t have 2 or 3 thousand to spend on diamonds, doesn’t mean you have to buy the cheapest CZ rings available thinking all synthetic gems are the same. Not so. You can spend between $155 and $499 and get a set of faux wedding rings that have diamond coated CZs with genuine gold bands. It’s worth buying sets in 9k, 14k or 18k gold instead of choosing ultra cheap sets. Why? If you have precious metal mountings, the stones can be upgraded, but if you have poor quality gems plus non-precious metal settings, then when the bands tarnish and the stones get scratched, all you have is junk. The price difference between a tasteful CZ solitaire in gold and an elaborate CZ in a none-precious metal is surprising little.


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Sometimes you come across a film like ’Big Miracle’ which seems designed purely to please the crowds.There’s a huge star studded cast, but the plot is rather contrived which is a shame for a movie with this much potential. 

Despite this, perhaps because it’s heart is in the right place, it’s actually quite an enjoyable movie.  

SO the plot is basically about three whales, one of them an infant, that are trapped under the Alaskan Ice at the most Northern point.  This happens at the start of the long Artic Winter of 1988.  The scene is set as an journalist (played by John  Krasinski) comes across the whales accidentally whilst filming a report.  This leads to global headlines as the stroy goes viral across the world.    From this point the journalist is joined by many people across the world as hundreds of celebraties join the campaign to save the whales. However there are also loads of sub plots mainly based around an eco friendly theme which can get a little confusing.  The film is fairly predictible, mainly because most of  the plots are obvious.

But this doesn’t detract completely from this film. The ’Big Miracle’ is a huge stereotype of other fims in the animal rescue genre.But again, there are some great performances and although the whole thing is verly melodramatic some scenes are genuinely moving.If you have any interest in Whales, the Environment in general then you’ll probably enjoy this film.It’s not great but it had a feelgood ending and is an enjoyable way to while away a couple of hours.

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Buying a wine gift does not seem like something which deserves a guide at first blush does it?

Of course when you show up at a wine store you’re going to notice a few things when you first walk in to buy your gift.  Wines are going to be either grouped by varietal or by region.

If they are grouped by wine region, you might be overwelmed.  I’ve been there, thus the reason for this quick guide:

North American Wine: This basically means the United States, although Canada does craft some world class ice wine.  Stick to California or Washington producers for the widest possible appeal.

Africa: Largely centered in South Africa for unfortunate reasons linked to that countries history, the Pinotage is an interesting experience to be sure.

Europe: Overall it is hard to go wrong.  France and Italy are the classic names.  Germany is under-appreciated.  Spain and Portugal deliver the best values currently.  Watch the Czech Republic for great value in white wines going forward.

South America: The value capital of the wine industry. It’s easy to remember.  Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile and Malbec from Argentina.

Australia: A good approximation of California, for 75% of the cost.


I hope this short wine gift buying guide proves helpful!

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Have you heard about the terms veggie romance? Well, this is one of the many online dating sites for vegetarians. It is always difficult when a family has to prepare two different kinds of meals every day and thus if you want to safeguard your future life by marrying the right partner, where sharing of food and the like should not be an issue, then there are people all over the world, or even just a few miles from where you stay in the same condition as you are. For this reason, online dating is the appropriate way to spark romance between the two, and a good online dating site specially suited for vegetarians should be able to provide that solution.

A vegetarian is not a disabled person, and the only issue with him or her relates to the food eaten and for this reason, finding a partner with whom you can share food with is necessary. This is why all fruitarian, vegetarian or even vegan related people fit perfectly on online dating sites specially designed for them and there are several of those online. You may never know this but perhaps your neighbor is a vegan that you can connect with, start socializing and hence hit it up to romance and the internet can help you on that.

Find the best dating sites for Vegatarians in Belgium here

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There are many different types of refrigerators available in the marketplace for residential consumers.  This guide will provide a brief rundown on the different styles available.

The most well known style of refrigerator is the traditional top freezer model.  These place the freezer unit over the refrigerator unit, and are amongst the cheapest of styles that can be purchased.

In a similar vein, bottom mount freezers have a similar shape but the refrigerator is on top.  Refrigerator reviews state these models are slightly more energy efficient, but they also tend to cost a little more.

Side by side refrigerators are probably the most popular model today.  They are generally not cheap, but usually include nice features such as built-in ice makers, and filtered water dispensers – these advanced feature sets account for a lot of their appeal.

French Door refrigerators are a relatively new phenomemeon.  These stylish models are a combination of side by side and bottom mount freezer units – they will usually have three, or sometimes even four doors.  These various compartments do drive up their prices however, and they are amongst the most expensive refrigerator offerings out there.

Overall, if you are looking for a good cheap fridge freezer, this guide recommends sticking with top mount freezer refrigerators.  If you are lokoing for the best bang for your buck, then side by sides would be our pick.  They offer a lot of features, but the pricing is not prohibitive – some of these models offer a whale of a deal when they are purchased on sale!

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Khao Lak is in Phang-Nga Province in the south of Thailand. Khao Lak is both the name of a town on the Andaman Coast as well as a series of long golden sand beaches stretching along the west coast of Thailand. For all those people not keen on the noise, crowds and high prices of nearby Phuket island, Khao Lak is a great alternative. It has the same great beaches as Phuket but offers good value mid-range accommodation, peaceful beach settings and is family friendly.

The beaches in the Khao Lak region start with Bangsak in the north, then Pakarang, then Khuk Khak, then Bang Niang, then Nang Tong, then Lamru and Finally Khao Lak beach. The two busiest beaches are Nang Tong and Bang Niang. This is because they are the closest to all the shops, bars, restaurants and facilities of the main town (that is also sometimes called Nang Tong or Bang La On). On all of the beaches of Khao Lak you will find long stretches of nearly deserted beach. The resorts are well spread out and several make the slightly false boast that they offer private beach front.

Rooms in resorts with air-con, hot water and TV normally start at about $30 a night in the low season. The cheapest place to stay is probably Khao Lak Youth Hostel. The more expensive places include the Beyond Resort Khao Lak (Bangsak), and the JW Marriott Khaolak (Khuk Khak).

The drawcards of Khao Lak are the diving opportunities just off the coast at the Similan Islands and Surin Islands, and a visit to Khao Lak Lamru National Park. It is usual for people to do a 2 or 3 night liveaboard cruise of the best diving spots of the Similan Islands. It is the best place in Thailand to dive and in the top 10 diving areas in the world. You can see mantas, whale sharks, sharks, moray eels, turtles as well as an abundance of fish and colorful corals. Lamru National Park is composed of rainforest rich in flora and fauna and a stretch of coast that is great for relaxing and snorkeling.

For those who enjoy beach culture, diving, snorkeling, laid back ambience and peaceful accommodation Khao Lak is definitely worth a visit. If you just want to party then go to Phuket.

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Our Whales are in danger and one of the most important initiatives to help protect them are the Marine Protected Areas.  These are specially designated areas of the ocean where human activity is restricted in order to help conserve the natural habitats and provide a safe area for marine life.  It’s actually a bit of a generic term which covers all sorts of different protected areas and conservation initiatives.

The MPA is basically a highest level of protection – there is normally no commercial fishing or industrial use allowed in these areas. Another more specific area defined in Europe is the Special Area of Conservation.  These are controlled by National governments and are primarily implemented to protect  the habitats of marine species like whales, porpoises and dolphins.

For creatures such as whales and dolphins which are very mobile you might think that having specific areas is of lilttle use.  However nearly all species have crucial areas which are vital for their survival.  These might be areas where they breed or seasonal feeding grounds – protecting such key areas can have a huge impact on a species survival chances.

It can be that MPAs are only assigned for these specific times.   So that an area known to be a breeding ground for certain months of a year is assigned MPA status for that period only.  This can allow restrictions on human activity over this period and more relaxed at other times.

There are many more initiatives happening across the world.  It’s worth checking out scientific and media sites especially if you’re keen on keeping up to date on news on Whales or dolphins for example.  Unfortunately there are often restrictions on  many sites – for example some American media and scientific sites are only available to people who are based in the US – check this site out if you need help -  It will show you the options for changing your IP address to be able to access those sites without restriction.

Other Useful Information for iPad users.


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Do you what is the biggest animal in our planet? It is whale. Whales are the biggest animal that has been found so far on our planet. They have an enormous size of body, also they are very heavy. They can grow up to 100 feet in length and its fin can grow up to 88 fits.

There are some unique facts about whales which are not known for us. Whales can sleep. When whales sleep, they only put one-half of their brain to rest. It is very odd to know that whales can sleep. They sleep with a half brain so that they still can take a deep breath to the surface.

Don’t forget that whales are mammals that need air to breathe. Also, they do that to keep alert for dangerous around them. Whales have a sense to hear, just like us, a human being. They can hear sound clear enough. It is known that whales have an excellent hearing ability.

Just like in the article, best automatic cat litter box reviews, kitties listen to you when you ask them to use box, but whales have better hearing than kitty to listen slightest sound. Whales also have a very long life span. Have you ever guessed? Bowhead, one of popular species from whales, can be lived for over 200 years, compared to human than can only live for 112 years.

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If you don’t want your fridge raided by your flat mates, roommates or even little kids; then you will find the wide range of refrigerator locks available in stores extremely helpful. There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at school or work to find the refrigerator either empty or the contents’ in disarray.

The fridge lock is really useful in various commercial settings and for business applications, where there are plenty of unscrupulous coworkers willing to help themselves to your food. To limit access to the fridge – especially when you’re not around – consider installing a refrigerator lock on your refrigerator.

The growing collection of safety latches and refrigerator locks that are for sale today provide consumers a good combination of style, convenience and function. While fridge locks and the safety latches differ in terms of types and designs, they can be used on almost any cooling appliance.

Many refrigerator latches and fridge guards are made to be integrated and installed on upright and chest freezers, but others are better used on refrigerators. Some rock-solid refrigerator latches are made with brass and aluminum material, while other lower priced fridge guards are made from durable plastic that easily clicks when shut or opened.

To ensure that your money spent on these devices is money well spent, find a reputable brand. This site has refrigerator reviews which often include information on different types of locks, which can be helpful in this regard.

I suggest you explore the brands Safety 1st and MarineLock first. That way you will know that you’re getting solid quality equipment for your refrigerator security purposes.  If you want to ensure that your roommate doesn’t have a whale of a good time feasting on your personal stash of groceries, you will likely find a good quality fridge lock to be an excellent investment!


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If you don’t want your fridge raided by your flat mates, roommates or even little kids; then you will find the wide range of refrigerator locks available in stores extremely helpful. There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at school or work to find the refrigerator either empty or the contents’ in disarray.

The fridge lock is really useful in various commercial settings and for business applications, where there are plenty of unscrupulous coworkers willing to help themselves to your food. To limit access to the fridge – especially when you’re not around – consider installing a refrigerator lock on your refrigerator.

The growing collection of safety latches and refrigerator locks that are for sale today provide consumers a good combination of style, convenience and function. While fridge locks and the safety latches differ in terms of types and designs, they can be used on almost any cooling appliance.

Many refrigerator latches and fridge guards are made to be integrated and installed on upright and chest freezers, but others are better used on refrigerators. Some rock-solid refrigerator latches are made with brass and aluminum material, while other lower priced fridge guards are made from durable plastic that easily clicks when shut or opened.

To ensure that your money spent on these devices is money well spent, find a reputable brand. Refrigerator reviews often include information on different types of locks, which can be helpful in this regard.

I suggest you explore the brands Safety 1st and MarineLock first. That way you will know that you’re getting solid quality equipment for your refrigerator security purposes.

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hello world

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hello world

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Finding things cheap is certainly easier today than it was about a decade ago wasn’t it?

It used to be that if you wanted something for cheap, you had to shop around, or try and haggle with the manufacturer for a better price.

That’s not the situation today thankfully.  Take a cheap wine club membership as an example.  While you can certainly find the club that you’d like to join and then take the time to call them and ask for a coupon-it’s easier, isn’t it to simply login to your favorite coupon site and see what they have available.  Easy, efficient and it saves you the most money by far.

To me, that sounds relatively simple right?

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There was a very sad end to the story of the whale that got washed up on a beach in Cornwall.  It happened at Carylon bay and the 65 foot long fin whale got stranded.  There was a crowd of about 300 people but thankfully they were cordoned off so as to limit th stress on the poor creature.

An attempt was made to rescue the animal by the British Divers Marine Life Rescue team however after examining the whale it was determined that it was already to sick to be saved.  It was simply too ill to be refloated and any attempt would have simply caused the animal further distress.  The animal was incredibly undernourished and an extremely high breathing rate which means it was extremely ill.

The poor thing also had a gash on it’s belly, an eye injury to add to it’s woes of being stranded on an outgoing tide.  The whale was so ill it would have been crueler to put the whale back at sea anyway.  Fortunately the whale passed on fairly quickly although it was clearly in a distressed state.  There’s lots more information on whales and some wonderful documentaries more uplifting than this sad tale on the BBC website.  If you are outside the United Kingdom you can use this technique to help watch all the programmes.  It’s perfectly straight forward and just involved hiding your real IP address so that you don’t get blocked.

There are some more clips on YouTube and various media archives


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Gift giving is one of the most exciting things we do as humans, but also one of the most stressful isn’t it?  As an example, think back to your first Christmas as a married couple-there was a lot of pressure wasn’t there?

One pretty easy gift to give is a wine gift.  It can take a number of formats, from a single bottle of wine, a wine club membership over a number of months or even a wine gift basket.  If you’re going to send wine gift though, you have to worry about both the quality as well as the presentation.  After all, if the gift shows up in a box which Fedex has partially destroyed and the label of the wine is basically ruined-it stands to reason that the person opening the box might not be nearly as excited about the gift, don’t you think?

Just as high end retailers offer high quality wrapping around Christmas, take an extra few minutes and even use part of your budget for a good wrapping job with your next wine gift and you’ll probably be thrilled with the results!

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It must be an awesome sight to actually see this in real life and some scientists have actually had the experience.  They believe it’s the first sighting of an adult white killer whale or Orca as it’s also known.   They gave it the nickname ’Iceberg’ and it was spotted off the coast of Russia.  All seems to be well with it and it’s living as part of an established and healthy pod in that area.


There have been other claims to have seen white versions of other whale types.  In fact there was one in captivity in Canada, however all these were very young and none survived very long.  This particular whale was postted from a ship conducting a research cruise run by Russian scientists and their students.  They also claimed to have seen white orcas before but again never an adult one.   They are estimating that Iceberg is about 15 years old and a male.

It’s not known exactly what has caused this unusual pigment, but there are various health and genetic conditions that could explain his coloring.

There have been lots of other sightings of different species of whale which have this albino trait.  However surely  the most famous white whale is a fictional one – the star of the book Moby Dick and his battles with Captain Ahab.  There is a lot more information on this subject on the BBC website – in fact if you are quick you’ll pick up some cracking natural history programmes on IPlayer.  If you have difficult accessing the site because you outside the UK – this post explains how you can use a UK proxy to gain access to British TV like the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player wherever you are.

 Video Source -

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Anyone who is a member of a 90 point wine club knows a few things for sure, first there is great wine being made across the world.  Second, finding all that great wine can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look.  Here’s a simple hint, your grocery store isn’t a good place to look!

One region that I think makes some outstanding wine currently is South Africa.  Part of the reason that consumers don’t respect the wine being made in South Africa more is that the most famous grape in the country is Pinotage which is barely grown elsewhere.  A strange blend of Pinot Noir and Cinsaut, Pinotage at its best confuses the average wine drinker.

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The whale is a beautiful and graceful creature whose name has unjustly been hijacked to signify someone who has an unhealthy lifestyle and has allowed their weight to balloon. I am sure we have all heard the jokes about Greenpeace pushing an overweight person back in the water as if they were a beached whale.

Sadly there is a very serious health issue being ignored with this mockery and it is an issue that sometimes takes drastic measures to set right in order to save someone.

Some people may opt for things like liposuction as they feel like it is the only option left to them due to their having no self control. Like drug abuse or alcoholism it is often seen as a problem that is out of the control of the “sufferer” but there is always a point at which that afore mentioned sufferer starts the ill fated journey such as the first drink/hit/burger. Self control can be difficult but it needs to be mastered if they have any hope of ever living a healthy lifestyle.

Plastic surgery can be a great way to kick-start a healthy lifestyle for some; if you only go forliposuction, however, researchers say your health (and fat levels) could take a hit. In fact, evidence shows that if you don’t make an effort to maintain the fat-loss you get from liposuction, fat cells are likely to come back with a vengeance—instead of resurfacing under your skin, they’ll regenerate deeper in your abdomen, where fat storage is more correlated with certain health risks. The only solution, they say, is exercise.

So with this in mind it really is up to the person themselves whether they can do that but having support from family and friends can go a long way to making the difficult journey possible.



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Finding great wine clubs isn’t that easy.  Far from it in fact.

Did you know that over seven thousand commercially bonded wineries exist in the United States alone?

Add in the large number of international wineries and you quickly get to a number which is hard to comprehend, let alone when you count retailers who also have their own wine club.

The question is, how do you find a truly great and memorable wine club?

First, it always makes sense to stay as local as possible. One of the great aspects of wine clubs is that they offer a wide range of added features and events.  If you live thousands of miles away, it’s virtually impossible to take advantage of those events! After that, simply find one which offers the best wine you can find!  Simple, right?

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It took me until my forty fifth year, but I finally managed to see a whale with my own eyes.  It was I’m reliably informed that it was a blue whale and I spotted it off the coast of North America.  To be more specific it was at Monteray Bay in California where the blue whales migrate to feed in Late September/August.   To be honest though I would never have found them without enlisting the help of a special Whale watching group called the Monterey Whale Watch group.  If you’re in the area I can well recommend them, you actually get your tour run by a marine biologist not some half interested youth with a microphone.  You’ll see lots more that just a whale as there’s a host of marine and bird life in the area.

It’s been a long quest for me and to be honest one that has been dormant for some time.  I’ve always enjoyed watching shows about whales but circumstances have meant that seeing one has not been practical.  Let me tell you that these wonderful, huge yet graceful animals will not disappoint when you see them in real life.  The reason I restarted my quest to see a whale was two fold – firstly I had a promotion and funds were not quite as limited as in previous times.  The second reason was a little bizarre but I like to think it was fate.

I have a friend who has come to work in the same company as me for 12 months.  He’s originally from the UK and works in Sales, he called me in as he knew I worked in the IT department.  He had a problem that he was feeling a bit homesick and missing lots of things about his homeland.  One of the big things was that he missed watch the British news and had tried to watch it online but kept getting blocked.  He asked me if I could figure out a way to watch the News on his computer.  Turns out it was fairly simple, the reason he was being blocked was that the BBC site restricted access to Non-UK IP addressess.  This was fairly simple to bypass he just needed a BBC Iplayer proxy- , this was a computer which would present a British address rather than his real one.

It turned out this worked perfectly and my friend was very happy.  But how did this related to Whales I hear you ask – well when texting this solution I visited the BBC website to test it.  On their site I found a truly incredible nature show called The Blue Planet.  It was presented by David Attenborough and a fabulous show all about whales – seek it out, it’s wonderful.  My spark was reunited after watching the show and the rest as they say is history.

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Reverse engineering is a hot topic at the moment. It is a system of engineering and design that can be applied to electronic machines, mechanical itemsas well as computer hardware and software to allow engineers to replicate designs without having the plans. The idea was first successfully used during World War Two by both the Allied forces and the Nazis to make sense of captured equipment.

Reverse engineering continued in the same vein during the Cold War. In 1960 China fell out with the Soviet Union and as a result the country spent the next 20 years reverse engineering Soviet military hardware for its army. It is this hard work that has given China such a head start in the modern race to produce mass consumner goods for export. China has successfully reverse engineered TVs, computers and even large passenger planes from European and American models. This is of course much to the chagrin of companies and governments in the West.

There is, however, several legitimate uses for reverse engineering other than military espionage and industrial theft. Software engineers will often attempt to reverse engineer source code where the original is lost. It is also a good way to test computer codes for bugs and buried security problems. There is also a certain amount of reverse engineering invloved in trying to understsand archaeological finds and their purpose.

It is also possible that in the future we might encounter alien technology. Without aliens to help us, reverse engineering might be our best chance to understand their technology, and the culturte that produced it.

The desire to take things apart to find how they work, and then to try and build another one is as old as humanity; and it is a desire that is behind our ability to adapt and thrive as a species.

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When we first started talking about doing a gift basket guide, I didn’t want to follow through.  Frankly, the topic is way too big to be manageable.

I decided, I would try and get some information out there about a sub market of gift baskets, specifically wine gift baskets.

One reason I think wine works well in gift basket offerings is that it pairs incredibly well with food.  Specifically a great wine red can pair well with steak (obviously) as well as nuts and other delicacies.

One of the most important aspects to selecting a wine gift basket, in my estimation, is to find a gift basket which is centered around quality wines which are not freely available in your local market.

Personally speaking I hate paying for shipping, so seeing a bottle of wine that I paid $8, or more, for shipping sitting on a grocery store shelf doesn’t work for me.

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