Stop the Bloody Whale Slaughter on the Faroe Islands

On a group of islands just north of Europe, the traditional bloody whale and dolphin slaughter takes place every year. The Faroe Islands are a part of Denmark, where whaling is banned, but they have laws that are independent of Denmark's laws, so they are allowed to continue with this mass execution. Year after year, thousands of pilot whales, beaked whales and dolphins are chased into the bay by boats, where they are slaughtered.

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Whale tourists need realistic expectations

Tourists who visit Tonga's northern Vava'u island to swim with whales need to have realistic expectations about what will happen.

That's according to underwater photographer Tony Wu, who visits the island regularly to document the way humpback whales use the area to breed.

He says he managed to count 48 whale calves born in Port of Refuge harbour this last season, which is a lot.

But Mr Wu says the Tongan whale watching industry needs to make sure not to promise tourists that the whales will come close to them or touch them.

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Court rejects efforts to strip beluga whale protections

A federal judge this week rejected an attempt by Alaska to strip Cook Inlet beluga whales of Endangered Species Act protections. Last spring, the National Marine Fisheries Service designated critical habitat for the whales despite state’s lawsuit.

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End comes closer for whaling ban

The opponents of whaling fear a return to commercial hunting is virtually inevitable within the next few years.

Conservation groups at the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission believe the 1986 whaling moratorium cannot last much longer.

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PETA lawsuit alleges SeaWorld enslaves killer whales

Can killer whales sue SeaWorld for enslavement?

A lawsuit filed Wednesday by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and other "next friends" of five SeaWorld killer whales takes that novel legal approach.

The 20-page complaint asks the U.S. District Court in Southern California to declare that the five whales -- Tilikum, Katina, Corky, Kasatka, and Ulises -- are being held in slavery or involuntary servitude in violation of the 13th Amendment.

A PETA statement said the lawsuit is the first of its kind in contending that constitutional protections against slavery are not limited to humans.

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It was earlier this month, June 20 17 – that the Trump government announced that it was cancelling plans which will have shielded whales, whales, and threatened sea turtles from increased risk of drowning deaths from drift gill nets set from the California shore. The most vexing thing about this statement is the fishery itself would have affirmed the strategy. It is another example of politicians carrying more extreme positions compared to industry — comparable to this event of several farm-state lawyers general fighting California’s anti-confinement laws for putting chickens in small cages, even following the farming industry recognized it has to transition to some cage-free solution in the foreseeable future.

The above was taken from a documentary about humpback whales, this I believe was from off the coast of Spain, there’s more information on a documentary from the BBC (you can watch the BBC from Spain using a proxy)

The marine animal safety program was caused by discussions between environmentalists and Palestinians. It’d have capped the yearly amount of deaths from species after which temporarily shut the fishery when these mortality sheets were exceeded. This combined agreement had been something of a success for several parties, and also the Pacific Fisheries Management Council–the national management system to get west shore fisheries–consented to place the agreement to writing and also forwards to the National Marine Fisheries Service from the Department of Commerce for approval.

It’s quite rare that the regional fishery-management council’s proposition will be bullied by bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.. When the national government sought after public comments on the master plan in October this past year, shortly before the election, then it brought wide spread support (like The HSUS) along with little dissent. However, in a problematic turn around, the Department of Commerce has slapped the master plan with a huge “NO.” The bureau has been overruling its fishery management council in addition to the fisheries that consented to this master plan, together with the innumerable citizens that weighed in and also overwhelmingly preferred this brand new, conservation-minded lawful frame.

To become clear, the government says “no” to proactively protecting endangered leatherback turtles, also it really is saying “no” to an agenda which will have limited the entanglement-related deaths of semen whales. In actuality, it had been the deaths of all sperm whales who induced the Council to carry this measure when it became certain the Department of Commerce hadn’t acted deliberately to avoid future deaths.

Marine mammals remain a few of their most treasured animals in the nation. Sperm whales have been legend, specially since the book of Herman Melville’s classic Moby Dick 166 decades ago. Dolphins are honored, with boffins documenting their intellect and mariners recounting their acts of heroism to rescue sailors. Leatherback sea turtles, whose mass could exceed half of a whole lot, really are a sight to behold to get land-based underwater and tourists divers and also contribute enormously to the economy of coastal communities.

These animals do merit special safety. After the fishery that’s threatened the ecological and animal welfare network which have urged for these find common ground, executive and politicians bureaus should dash to bless the end result. We’ve got sufficient division from the nation without seeking and sowing disunity at which it will not exist.

John (Proxy Guy) Williams

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For many years off the Alaskan coast in the Bering Sea, fishermen are contending with killer whales that both stalk their ships and even manage to steal their catch. This behaviour can total tens of thousands of pounds lost halibut and cod. However in the past several decades, in line with Alaska Dispatch News, the situation has apparently gotten worse. That is because heaps of killer whales appear to be assaulting special boats, even eating their grab and also threatening some fishermen’s livelihoods.

“It is a lot similar to a gangland battle,” one colleague told that the Dispatch News, while the other compared to the whales to a “motorcycle gang” in a interview with the National Post.

The whales are assaulting longliners, fishermen that utilize a single line with many pins that is propped over the water from buoys, a condition that likely reflects a welcoming buffet for whales. The whales have been repetitive, surrounding 1 vessel for hours as a result of its captain who had shut off the engine.

There has been some similar behaviour captured in the BBC Sea Planet documentary, which may be available on BBC iPlayer – blocked in some areas abroad but here’s a workaround.

“You would observe two of these appear which is the ending of the excursion,” John McHenry, owner of this F/V Seymour, told that the Article (F/V, of course, represents fishing boat). “Pretty soon all of 40 of these are around you”

What exactly are the options open to them? Fishermen have tried sonars developed to discourage the whales, however, people who have not functioned. Many have resorted to using tanks, or bows, to capture fish, but this approach might be costly and it isn’t allowed for a few sorts of fish in some specific national fisheries.  The reality is that in this situation the whales really have the advantage, the fisherman mostly just hope to avoid their attention.

It’s an interesting situation, however there is a worrying side to this.  After being devastated for years, the whale populations globally are beginning to recover.  Much of this is to do with public opinion and the co-operation of governments and fishermen.  If economic damage is seen to increase then public opinion may turn against the whales in the areas of society where it’s really crucial.

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There was some sad news this week from Suffolk when three beautiful Minke whales found dead near Felixstowe.  As always we’re not quite sure what has happened to them, however some people have suggested that they may have become disorientated  by the huge wind farms off the coast there.

The first whale was spotted lying in a mud bank at the tributary of the River Ore on the weekend.  This was discovered to be a calf,  and it is believed that the mother was washed up near Felixstowe pier.  Finally another adult whale was found dead at Harwick further down the coast in Essex.

It’s very uncommon to see dead whales beached around this stretch of coast.  It was more common for porpoises to be found, yet the coast guards stated that it’s very unusual to see dead whales here.    There are other theories apart from the wind farms which include the mud banks.  These have been thought to interfere with the whales sonar causing them to drift too near to shore.

It may well be a combination of these factors effecting the whales sonar, although wind turbines have been suspected in other areas of the world too. There is some footage available of the whales on the Local TV stations.  Try accessing BBC Suffolk through the BBC iPLayer site, you will need to change the regional settings to view that channel.  It can be difficult to access these resources if you’re outside the UK, although this post about streaming BBC News abroad could help out.

It is a sad day though, there are only about 800,000 of these whales left in the world and they would have a normal life expectancy of about 50 years.  There are some plans to call in a removal service to move the whales before they cause a health hazard.  The normal procedure is to drag the whale caracasses back out to sea where they could decompose safely.   Some fisherman have expressed concern that the bodies would be a hazard to their boats.

John Herriot


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Last month in the middle of November, a high tech buoy which had been deployed off the coast of New York picked up something remarkable. The sound was that of a North Atlantic Right Whale, it was the ‘up call’ of one of the estimated 500 remaining of these whales.


The buoy had been deployed by a local Oceanographic Institution during the Summer months and it has started picking up these noises over the last few weeks. It wasn’t the first whale that was picked up, at the end of October researchers who had been monitoring the equipment also detected another whale on the endangered list. The Sei whale can grow over 60 feet long and is very rarely spotted in this area.

Surprisingly despite being near one of the biggest cities in the world, this area is home to a lot of marine wildlife. Although the main criteria of the buoy was obviously research it does play an important secondary role because of it’s real time detection facility. The buoy can be used to alert ship captains that there are potentially whales in the area and they can be vigilant.

Because the area has busy shipping lanes next to it, then ships are obviously of a significant danger to the whales. In fact this area sees the highest incidence of ships striking whales accidentally, which is of course is not good for either parties. The technology contained in this device allows an alert to be sent to all sea captains in the area allowing them to try and avoid these encounters.

The whales have come in amazingly close to the shore in this area, and last month one was even seen in the region of the Statue of Liberty.

The populations of these sea giants were first decimated by the whaling industry. Right whales earned the “right” name because they were deemed optimal for hunting. The large and fast-swimming sei whales, which we know very little about, were similarly exploited.

John Williams

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Over the past century, whales have been obviously hunted on a big scale and have come to be almost extinct. The whale is connected to the tusked unicorn” whale called the narwhal. Whale watching will force you to spot the similarities. These whales are available swimming in cold waters in and about sub arctic climates. Toothed whales don’t have this ear plug. A blue whale was reported so too has a terrific white! It turned out to be a Blue Whale, the biggest mammal on earth.


Both species primarily feed on various things and don’t generally frequent the exact same places at precisely the same times, as stated by the porpicide study. Six species of baleen whales are observed in Antarctica, for instance, massive blue whale. Five species dwell in the world’s rivers. Most species reside in shallow regions of tropical and temperate oceans around the world. Some species are extremely shy, others are going to approach humans with terrific curiosity. Behaviour because of its place in the Antarctic Ocean, this whale species isn’t often seen.
Orca are typical in all oceans. A whale should be capable of seeing in both situations. The Southern Bottlenose Whale stays underwater for a length period of moment; point, surfacing for 10 or more minutes at one time.

Porpoises are rather distinct from dolphins. To conclude, cetaceans have adapted to reside in a wholly alien world in contrast to ours. As a result, they have evolved to have a very large pupil that can open wide to allow a large amount of light in at great depths. They do seem to have the ability to taste.    You can see some great footage from the BBC documentary series Nature and Living Planet – they are often accessible from the BBC iPlayer see here for a VPN that they don’t block.

Dolphins have several extraordinary features so they can thrive in their. They are able to identify each other using their own individual signature whistles. They are one of the most popular animals in the world, and are very popular as aquarium entertainers. They can also combine their sonar with their vision.

Unlike humans, dolphins have monoscopic vision in every eye, permitting them to see two images at the exact same moment. It’s really hard to feel that dolphins are associated with whales, but they’re. Besides all types of aquatic activities, you will get acquainted with the dolphins. Spinner dolphins are well-known for their acrobatics since they breach.

The dolphins, obviously, are an essential attraction. These dolphins are numerous sounds and are probably both superior echolocators and extremely communicative. It’s also very common to observe the dolphins when you’re out in the water since they are also native to the area. Bottlenose dolphins are amazingly adaptable. They use behavioral signs to show that they are willing to mate. They are large, powerful and playful. They live in moderately large groups, containing up to 12 individuals.
Bottlenose dolphins are also known as the typical bottlenose dolphin. The bottlenose dolphin isn’t endangered. Bottlenose dolphins are located in warm and temperate seas around the world.

James Collins: Using VPNs for Anonymous Torrents: 2015

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Hermanus provides some of the most effective land-based whale watching on earth. The very first Whale Crier in the entire world isn’t only an important attraction but keeps visitors informed regarding where the whales may be seen when he does his rounds daily. In case it happens that you’re in the incorrect location, the Whale Crier will aid you. Out of every one of the spots Hermanus appears to be the favorite spot for whale watching.


Hermanus delivers a number of approaches to view whales plus a massive quantity of other activities to complement a whale watching holiday. The tourists can find an opportunity to see lowland gorillas and chimpanzees within their normal habitat. Regardless of the lovely weather, summer isn’t especially busy in Hermanus, because most tourists come specifically to view the whales.

Your trip could be extended or amended to incorporate a few of the activities, there’s some great deals available locally and you may be able to book them online if you use an IP anonymizer. Boat tours ought to be prebooked, and although you can impulsively choose the day, you could be left disappointed as a result of availability. Visit Hermanus to discover the only whale crier on the planet.

The boats are comparatively large and very safe with highly experienced crews. There are plane trips you are able to take, to see the whales and also the dolphins from the air. The very best and memorable approach to delight in whale watching is to have a boat trip, the boats aren’t allowed too near the whales in case they disturb them.

The optimal/optimally whale watching chances in the world are found in the southern tip of Africa. There aren’t any crowds so you may really watch the penguins in their own normal environment. Hermanus is the very best land based whale watching site on the planet. Hermanus is internationally known as the the top place on the planet to perform land-based’ whale-watching, however you can likewise enjoy boat-based whale-watching in Hermanus an excellent family activity along with a close up encounter with whales you’ll never forget!

Over time, Hermanus has become a favorite spot on the map, and it has seen a gain in tourism income. Certainly, while any Hermanus accommodation vows to present you with a memorable stay, there are a number of that truly stick out from the remains. There are numerous things which are possible to do in Hermanus.

Hermanus is among the most picturesque towns within the nation and is blessed with spectacular organic viewpoints of the ocean and mountains. Hermanus’s cliffs supply an incomparable viewing point. Around every corner, there’s a breathtaking view.

Boat-based fishing trips might be organized within the local town along with cray fishing trips. Sandbaai beach has various rock pools with fascinating marine living. Hermanus offers visitors the perfect hiking experience. Hermanus has a handful of hotels, guesthouses and bed-and-breakfasts to offer together with a lot of self-catering houses for rental.

Hermanus delivers a number of other charms. These two places are extremely close to one another, so that you can stay at either area and have the capacity to do these Whale watching tours. Grotto Beach stretches for miles and it’s known to be among the very best fishing spots in the area.


Regarding hiding IP addresses in order to access region locked deals and content, try this page about changing your IP online.

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